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It’s A Milestone, Baby!

May 3, 2012 // Uncategorized

It seems that once you get into the third month of babyhood things start to pick up and change. Baby starts to have longer awake periods and is looking around and being interested in what is happening. So, you start thinking about entertaining the baby and soon rattles and stuffies start to appear and accumulate. One milestone we are currently experiencing is the joy of the Jolly Jumper.

With our first babe we brought it out around 12 weeks and we were hopeful that maybe this would be the magic trick for our high needs baby. As if a bit of jumping around would cure his fussiness or make him sleep longer than 45 minutes at a time (it didn’t). It was worth a shot to say the least and made for a cute photo op.

Baby Ben, November 2008

Now Josie is well into her 3rd month and has taken to standing up any chance she is given. So, we hauled out the Jolly Jumper and this baby digs it!

Baby Josie, May 2012

Josie loved hanging out in the door way, and her big brother loved spinning her around and watching her dangle. He was so excited by the jumper and kept asking when it was his turn to get in it and try it out. Oh, my sweet sweet Ben.

We have more new milestones going on in our home. Such as, attempts at rolling over and squealing in delight and then screeching in anger when one arm gets stuck. I’m really enjoying this age of Josie’s babyhood and she makes it quite easy for me to do so. There is a lot of joy going on every day in our home and I’m so appreciative that I get to take this whole year off to be at home with my babies, both of them.



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