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It Was My Day And It Was Great

May 15, 2012 // Uncategorized

Starting the day off by sleeping in till 10 AM is a perfect present for a mama. While not quite like the old days of sleeping in, it was still me in my bed till 10 AM. Woken up with hot coffee and a croissant and a baby ready to eat. The croissant tasted extra delicious as my diet has been quite lean these past 6 weeks.

An afternoon grassy picnic with my family of 4 followed, complete with a cold bottle of white and a perfectly packed basket. My husband treated me to a delicious array of homemade goodness, I’m very thankful for a man who can cook!

Our baby girl impressed us with her sweet nature and we marvelled over the fact that she was 4 months old that very day. She is a chubby bubby with thick baby rolls and bald with only a smattering of hair. So, we thought we would try to see what she would look like with a bunch of brunette strands. The picture speaks volumes.

Every single one of us picnicked that day. Nursing in the grass on a sun filled day may seem glamorous, but there were pebbles and sticks coating the ground. Nonetheless, I did adore being able to bask in the fresh air and the cool grass and nurse my girl.

Each of my babes had their own quiet moment. A post milk nap for the baby and a perfect grass angel for my boy. There was no fighting or tears or general upset. Just a nice low key family picnic.

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?



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