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Baby Wearing 2.0

July 6, 2012 // Parenting

Now that Josie is nearing the ‘baby on the hip’ stage, I’m doing a bit more slinging while we are out and about. When she starts getting antsy I will whip out my pouch sling and away we go. I love feeling her soft body close to me and having her head rest on me as she dozes or relaxes.

I didn’t do as much baby wearing with Josie when she was really wee, mainly because she didn’t arrive with the incessant need to be held and carried like her brother Ben had required. Josie just did not need to be bounced or rocked to soothe and was quite content to nurse and then sleep deeply in her bassinet stroller. This was totally a night and day baby experience between our two babies.

Afternoon nap on mama during a carriage ride in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, snug in the pouch sling

Even though I didn’t do much baby wearing in the early months, my husband most certainly did. He had his old pouch sling out from storage the moment we were home from the hospital and is a real pro with putting newborns into the perfect position and soothing them to sleep in a sling. If you called breastfeeding my parenting weapon, baby wearing was my husbands. If I needed a break, he’d sling her. If she was over tired, he’d sling her.

I was at a 2+ hour appointment, so my husband went on a baby wearing walk about with the Ergo

What’s your experience with baby wearing? What’s your favourite carrier or sling?



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