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Dining Al Fresco=Summertime Love

July 9, 2012 // Vancouver

I officially declared it to be ‘summer holidays’ in our home and this excited Ben to no end. Really, it doesn’t change much of our usual every day to day routine but nonetheless it is summer holidays. I’m guessing once my babies are in school, summer holidays will have more of a distinction and maybe more meaning.

Right now we are:

*spending more time outside, playing more at nearby water parks, enjoying more ice cream, washing more dirty feet in the bath tub, going to more casual get togethers with friends, savouring more late lunches dining al fresco.

Even if it is just a mind set, I’m okay with that and it still sounds pretty awesome to me. So, let’s bring on the summer holidays!

What does summer time mean for you? Do you have any big vacations planned or maybe some lazing on a sandy beach?

Early morning coffee shop dates with my family=summertime love

Endless hours spent on the playground=summertime love

Eating lunch on a Granville Island patio= summertime love



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