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Baby Led Weaning: An Update At 7 Months

August 15, 2012 // Birth & Breastfeeding

My baby did not get her first taste of solids until just recently when she was closer to 7 months old (I’m not including the lollipop that I caught Ben letting her lick or the popsicle that he offered her last week). We are now in the full swing of taste testing solids over here but I’m not packing along extra food when we go out and I’m not yet scheduling regular eating sessions.

This time around I’m finding myself more relaxed about her eating solids and just letting it happen as it does. Of course, I have another child that demands to be fed and watered on a regular basis so the chance of the baby getting bits and pieces is quite high!

Taste testing fresh BC blueberries in our baby safe feeder. I love this feeder as it gives her a real self focused experience with eating.

So, how come I didn’t start solids last month when my baby was 6 months old? I know that solids before one is just for fun (a new little line I recently heard) and I was happy still exclusively nursing her. Plus, it was actually a lot simpler to just nurse the baby and not worry about watching her eat and wiping her down post eating sessions. When I do try new food with Josie there is a terrific mess that occurs from her overall gumption. I love seeing her so excited to chow down on a hunk of banana in her baby safe feeder or trying to figure out what to do with bits of sweet potato.

Whoa, that is a little different!

She has had little nibbles off of our own dinner plates when we’re out at a restaurant or a friends house. I haven’t excluded too much tastes with her but have purposefully excluded nuts, strawberries and most dairy at this point. We are fortunate not to have any history of food allergies in our family so I feel like I can be a little more relaxed about what food choices we let her experiment with.

I’ve already had to haul out the steam cleaner to clean up some blueberry stains on our carpet due to an over zealous newly chowing baby. C’est la vie!

7 months old!



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