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Post Partum Weight Loss: I have reached my goal!

September 14, 2012 // Parenting

Back in July I gave up eating toast for breakfast and ditched sandwiches at lunchtime. I also traded in most packaged snacks in attempts to help fuel my post partum weight loss that seemed stagnant. I turned back to my old standby of protein fuelled meals and low carb munching that is much kinder on my blood sugars and ultimately also helps me to lose weight. This morning I stepped on the scale and have officially lost all of my pregnancy weight. Today also happens to be Josie’s 8 month ‘birth’ day and I found it quite timely seeing these new numbers on the scale.

Luckily, it hasn’t felt like torture with my new eating plan and I’ve actually enjoyed munching on scrambled eggs in the morning alongside a cup of french pressed coffee. My favourite go to meal is a big salad; I like to throw in toasted nuts and maybe some chopped up eggs and chicken and a large amount of leafy greens. If I’m hungry midday I might grab a handful of almonds and a piece of cheddar cheese and I feel satiated. My one packaged food that I do snack on and carry around with me is a Lara Bar in apple pie. Totally delicious and sometimes works for me for lunch on the run.

The biggest perk of eating fresher food is that I feel full for a good part of the day. My old standby of Adam’s crunchy peanut butter on top of some whole grain toast left me grazing and starving by lunchtime. I’ve also need a lot less insulin since my overall carbohydrate intake has decreased. Win! Win!

I really do have a sweet sweet spot for croissants and crusty rolls but I’ve given them up for now. I still have the occasional glass of wine and I always have a piece of dark chocolate every evening. I’m not one for feeling food torture and love to have a few treats now and then.

When I first starting thinking about trying to lose my pregnancy weight I was 194 pounds. Then I sat at 191 for a long long time and almost just gave up on things and accepted my current body. Back in April I decided I needed to be a bit more serious about things if I wanted to see change. I was still very kind to my body, the body that grew my healthy 9 pound baby, and I didn’t do any drastic dieting. Today on my scale I saw the new numbers of 178 pounds and I was happy. My first goal has been reached and I feel satisfied and strong.

I’ve told my husband, who is my number one supporter, that my next goal is to lose 6 more pounds and be back at 172 pounds. I’d love to keep up my big salads in lieu of sandwiches and make that goal before our trip to Maui in mid October. Do you think I can do it?



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