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We Are On Island Time

October 26, 2012 // Parenting, Uncategorized

The last time I was in Hawaii Ben was 2 and stayed at his grandparents house back home. This left us childless and carefree on the island; sleeping in until we wanted to and dining out at 8 PM without stressing that someone was going to have a meltdown. During that trip I knew I wanted to come back to Maui as a family one day. So, here we are October 2012 traveling as a family of 4 and having a good time. I’m so glad that we had the chance to explore and experience the island of Maui as a couple a few years ago, I think it is allowing me to enjoy this family trip even more. Naps have to be accounted for and the evenings are cut short by bedtime but we are still in vacation mode and island time still applies to families.

I wanted this holiday to be a mix of playing at the hotel pool mixed with sightseeing and exploring. I’m so glad we picked the Fairmont Kea Lani in Wailea as our home away from home and it’s really kid friendly to boot. We chose this hotel for the pool atmosphere and the fact that all the rooms are suites. So, when little Ben and Josie go to bed in the evening we don’t all have to sit in the dark of the hotel room and call it a night.

Both kids adapted to the 3 hour time change like it never even happened. They both get up at their usual times and Josie takes her 2 naps like she is back home in Vancouver. I’ve met lots of mums with babies at the pool and there seems to be a big mix of how the babies react to the time change. One mama from Chicago said her little toddler is wide awake for the day at 3:30 AM. Ouch!

Lucky for us the hotel provides play pens poolside. Even luckier is that Josie took her morning nap in it yesterday

Tomorrow will be another day at the pool with playtime at the beach. There is no cooking or cleaning and that combo really makes me feel like I’m on vacation.



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