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My Top 10 Maui Moments

October 29, 2012 // Uncategorized

There is nothing like a little tsunami warning during your holiday to help make memories! Despite the worry wart in me working overdrive all night long last night, nothing happened other than a forced frantic packing of our luggage as we were evacuated from our garden floor suite and moved to a higher room in the hotel just in case. The silver lining, the new suite has a great view of the ocean and you can see the sun rise and set from the lanai.

We leave Hawaii behind tomorrow afternoon and trade it back in for the wet rain in Vancouver. I’m not sure if I’m ready to embrace my new blue Hunter boots that I purchased just before we left for Hawaii. My husband took many gorgeous sun filled happy photos during our vacation and I hope to look back on them fondly to get a bit of a sunshine fix.

I’ve got lots of fun things to talk about soon and many gorgeous pictures to share too, but for right now I’ll hit you with my top 10 Maui moments from this vacation.

1. Josie not having to wear socks or shoes for nearly 2 weeks. So much easier to enjoy those delicious baby feet!
2. Ben getting way more confident in the water. Another week here and I’m sure he’d be an independent swimmer.
3. Sipping diet coke and rum with my husband at a luau while watching the sun set in Wailea.
4. Ben eagerly volunteering to get on stage at the luau when they asked for children to volunteer to learn a dance. I love this little guy.

5. Feeding the Koi fish with Ben.
6. Having professional family photos done on the beach (finally photos of all 4 of us together!).
7. Relaxing in the grass and embracing the sweat dripping done my back.
8. Fresh Mahi Mahi.
9. Family time relaxing at the pool with no schedule.
10.The sun! The sun! The sun!

If you’ve been following me over on Instagram you’ve already seen me post these trio of photos from my iPhone! If not, feel free to follow me over there as apartment_mama.

Aloha Maui! Hope to see you again soon!



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