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Sleepless In Raincouver

November 2, 2012 // Vancouver

We’ve been back in Raincouver for a few days now but my baby is still on Hawaii time. Which means when I put her down around 7 PM she has a ‘nap’ and 2 hours later wakes up full of glee and happiness until nearly 11 PM..or midnight. Whatever! I’m not stressing about it, probably because I’m still fuelled up with relaxation from our time away.

One of the things about this time of year in Vancouver is that there is a lot more indoor playtime for children. Despite the wet we still go out and play outside every day but it’s not as carefree or as frequent as the weeks before. So, when I got a package in the mail from Lush filled with their new Fun soap I knew I had a perfect indoor rainy day activity for Ben.

Lush moldable Fun soap comes in tube form and feels like play dough but smells delicious. We were given blue and green to test out. I set Ben up at the kitchen table with a dinner knife and a rolling pin and let him go at it. He pinched and squished and rolled the two colours into different shapes for almost an hour, than we went to the kitchen sink and made mounds of bubbles just for fun. Ben gives the new Lush product a thumbs up.

Ben made ‘pizzas’ out of his 2 colours of soap. He also was very excited to use the pizzas in the bathtub.

What I like about this product is that Lush will be giving away a portion of their global sales to a special FUNd that gives grants to recreational projects for children.
I also am a sucker for the scent of Lush products too! Each tube of Fun moldable soap is $6.95 and comes in 5 fun colours each with their own unique scent. I could see the bigger kids (and adults!) making some really creative things with these new soaps. A really great rainy day activity.

Happy Friday!



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