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A Spring Break Pyjama Party!

March 23, 2013 // Parenting

The other day I decided that we needed to have some Spring Break fun over here and invited Ben’s friend over for a pyjama party minus the sleepover part. This was a way better version of your usual play date and having a bit of a theme helped me out too. Ben was so excited about having a pyjama party and had a lot of fun thinking up things to do, treats to share and pyjamas to wear. It turned out that my sister was also in town so her two kids joined in the fun making it a real party!

Ben & Brooke, friends from babyhood and ready for some pyjama party fun!

Hosting a pyjama party was a perfect low key activity to host on a Tuesday afternoon, plus it doesn’t take much effort or pre planning for a lot of fun in return. I actually really miss being able to easily met up for weekday playdates and Spring Break was the perfect opportunity to have one. Times have changed and preschool, and soon ‘real school, come into the mix and make meeting up more challenging.

We set up our blue Ikea tent and got out some sleeping bags, pillows and blankets just to add to the theme of our party. To get things started we turned up the tunes and had a full on dance party in the living room, even Josie got into the music and did her bum bop to the beats sitting down. We played follow the leader, Simon Says and a classic game of Candy Land to round things off.

I let Ben pick out dinner and the boy decided that chicken strips and fries was the way to go. So, we set up the tables in the living room and made an impromptu picnic for dinner. I’m okay with having a few treats once in awhile, especially at a pyjama party! Later we popped some popcorn and mixed up some candy treats before the kids bunkered down in our pillow fort and watched a Pixar movie. As soon as it was starting to get dark parents came to pick up the children and take them home. I’m looking forward to hosting another pyjama party for Ben and his friends in the near future!



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