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Our Apartment Library: What’s Old Is New

April 24, 2013 // Apartment Living

I was growing tired of the mess of old books collecting dust in the kids bedroom. We had piles of books everywhere so I did a massive rotation of the kids books last week. It turns out that we have an amazing collection of children’s books thanks to different gifts over the years (side note: I love when they receive books as a present!). I felt a little bit like my sisters and mum, all 3 of them are elementary school teachers, as I sorted through our piles of books and semi categorized them. I put away all the off season books, think Valentines and Easter books, and brought out some old classics that had managed to be packed away in the back of their closet.

We have this tiny canvas bookcase that had been shoved into a corner of their bedroom and I dusted it off and brought it out to a little nook in our living room. The funny thing is, by simply changing the location and display of a few forgotten books both of the kids got really excited over their new book display. Josie has been caught sitting on the floor and flipping through board books by herself and Ben has been helping himself to his collection of Highlights magazines that he had forgotten all about. I love when what was old becomes new again and I really love my kids looking at books.


When I ever catch my kids silently ‘reading’ their books, I never disturb them or call them away. I’m okay with them being a little bit late to bed because they are busy reading. I grew up with a love of reading and it helped my creative side and my writing skills, especially throughout my school years. Reading is one thing that I really want to support with my own children and I’ll try to continually encourage them to get absorbed in a good story.

Josie really loves the board books that have mirrors inside of them. Here she is smooching herself back.

Do you have a book lover in your home?



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