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Airplane ACHOO!!!!

May 19, 2013 // Parenting

On our way back home from Arizona I caught one of those ‘airplane colds’ that we all try to avoid. Since I’m still nursing Josie I was leery about turning to pharmaceuticals to help me make it through the day. Then I decided that my girl isn’t a tiny baby anymore and doesn’t need to nurse through the night to survive, so I sent my husband off to fetch some nighttime cold relief and the rest is history. Like zzzzzz good. Don’t fret about Josie, she nursed in the morning and we lounged and cuddled in bed together for a long time.

I wish the reason I’ve been lounging in my bathrobe was because I was sipping wine in Kauai or enjoying some coffee in bed while visiting Whistler.

I’m lucky that my girl has a nap in the late morning and so I napped when she napped and spent the rest of the day in a sleepy sickly state parenting from the couch feeling sorry for myself. I’m also fortunate that my husband did the preschool drop off and kept the apartment tidy and clean while I blew my nose 5,460 times. He brought me drinks in bed and let me laze it out in the bath when I felt terrible. When it’s just your immediate family around you really have to lean on each other during these moments.

The Good Old Days

I admit that I did envy my past single (kidless) ill self, sleeping through the day and whenever I felt tired. Maybe lazing on the couch and watching television and napping on and off. That is the best way to be sick really. There is no sugar coating, being sick when you have children sucks. Recovery is longer because you don’t get the chance to properly rest and let your body do it’s job of getting better. Your children don’t get the memo that you are sick and still want to play and be silly and still expect meals and snacks.

From living those sleep deprived baby days and also from working shift work, I’d like to think that I know a thing or two about how to get more sleep. The secret is… drum roll please… going to bed early early early. Most parents do not get the chance to sleep in, however, we can go to bed early. Which is what I did last night when 9 PM came around and I was went to bed was out like a light before 9:30 PM. The trap is, no matter how tired you felt during the day, once the kids are sleeping you will often get a burst of energy and think it is wise to stay up for some alone/adult time. You have to fight this and just get into bed and you will thank your future self immensely.

I’m giving myself one more day to be sick and then I am done with it. Life goes on and it’s creeping towards 10 PM and I need to get myself to bed. Just remember, the next time you fly bring your hand sanitizer and dodge those germs.



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