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Done Like Dinner

June 7, 2013 // Parenting

What stresses you out in your day to day life? Is it multiple little things or single big huge things that give you stress? For me, I find having to make dinner for my family each day is a stress in my day to day life. Recently I was able to subtract cooking dinner from my daily life and I noticed how much of a weight was lifted. Since I’m currently visiting my family in Victoria it means no day to day cooking for me. I’m lucky as my parents generally take care of fixing dinner for our brood. Whether it is outside BBQ’s or ordering in pizza or preparing a traditional ham dinner. What a relief it is to me not to have to squeeze in cooking dinner! I seem to be able to handle the very early wake ups with my baby (5:30 AM today) and the constant chaos of hanging around the under 10 crowd when dinner duty is removed.

Yes, I admit it. I hate cooking dinner each night.

While I do enjoy doing some cooking, I don’t actually enjoy having Josie crying at my feet for attention while I’m trying to sauté onions. I also happen to have quite the foodie husband and a mediocre dinner doesn’t really fly with him (no pre-bought Costco pasta dishes here). So, churning out dinner has become quite the chore for me and somehow thinking about cooking dinner seeps into parts of my whole day. You’ve got the meal planning, grocery shopping with the kids, cooking with the kids around, yada yada. What do you mean you want dinner again? I just made it yesterday!

My other issue with making dinner is that it falls right during our witching hour. When your youngest wakes at 5:30 AM, 12 hours later she is tired and done. Even if I crank things up and start dinner before 4 PM there is still a lot of chasing wee ones out of the kitchen and crying. Oh the crying. I definitely have increased my kitchen repertoire during my maternity leave and can now come up with at least something healthy and delicious to cook. It is just the actual act of cooking from scratch that gives me stress. Maybe I need to drink more wine while I cook?

The dinner that I can guarantee to be a family hit with everyone chowing down with gusto and satisfaction is spaghetti and meatballs. Sounds easy peasy but not when cooking for my food loving man. The meatballs are a mix of pork/beef/veal and the sauce is absolutely homemade. The good thing about making this dinner is that it is easy for me to double up and throw an extra dinner in the freezer.

My tomato sauce is pretty tasty and I will admit my husband was right about homemade sauce being that much more delicious than any store bought jarred sauce. Plus the whole apartment smells so fragrant and rich when I’ve got the sauce reducing on my stove top. I just wish it making dinner was as easy as ordering in sushi.



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