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Our Dog Maggie

December 1, 2013 // Vancouver

Back when my husband and I first met he told me he had a dog named Jill that he rescued from a border collie rescue in Florida. I felt that a guy who loved dogs, especially rescue dogs, would be a good guy and it turns out I was right. My husband loves dogs, especially dogs who have been given up or who live in rescues. So, when his old border collie Jill got to the end of her 17 years, I knew it wouldn’t be very long until another dog joined our family.

Two weeks after the passing of Jill The Dog, my husband traveled around to different SPCA’s looking for a new family member to take home. It all happened very quickly and soon a new/old dog joined our family and our life in the city. Maggie was about 10 years old when she came to us and was found wandering around  Burnaby with no ID, no chip and no one ever claimed her. She was black and white and looked very much like a border collie but was actually a miniature Australian shepherd who was trained and loving and so well behaved.

It took her awhile to adapt to living in the city but she was city girl in no time. The metal ramps that led down to the water along the seawall freaked her out  and she would put on full breaks. All of the new sounds would make her howl and when a siren went by our downtown condo she would sit down and howl with it, I sort of loved that. When I was pregnant with Ben she always came and sat next to me while I had a bath and kept a close watch on me as I got bigger and bigger with the baby.

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I totally believe the reason that Maggie lived as long as she did was because of my husbands love and care of her. In her last year she was a full on great grandma dog and slowed down to a snails pace. She was mostly blind and mostly deaf and would just chill out on the floor for a good part of the day. We had to stop taking her out for long walks and trips over to Granville Island on the water taxi with her stopped last Spring. On her last day it was obvious that she was just starting to suffer and so my husband scooped her up and brought her to the vet. He loves his dogs so much that I’m sure there will be a new dog in our home before too long.mags-003



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  1. Jenna says:

    Oh Maggie! I shed a bit of a tear while I read this, she was such a lovely dog. RIP Maggie xoxo