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It’s A Neat And Tidy Christmas!


Christmas 2013 BannerWhen everything in our apartment is all in order and things are in their place  I am happier and more relaxed.  For me, there is nothing like the satisfaction of completely tidy home with shiny wood floors. One big pro with living in a small space is that there’s less cleaning to do then a big house with multiple floors. I have no stairs to vacuum, no basement to worry about tidying either. I also try to remember that day to day life with kids can make things kind of messy sometimes and that it is okay that sometimes at the end of the day I  just want to chill on the couch and not clean up. Right now with all of the extra Christmas decor filling up our usually minimally furnished home, it is easy to get overwhelmed by everything.

My husband thought he was pretty hilarious when he suggested that Christmas 2013 should be known as the ‘neat and tidy’ holiday in our home. In fact, last weekend I came home and found a note posted up with a plea to keep things tidy in the kitchen he had just cleaned up. I decided to embrace his enthusiasm for a well ordered apartment and went on a major purge in the kids room.

My pre planning brain started to think about the kids getting new toys and books and all the miscellaneous things that get acquired over Christmas and decided to be a step ahead. While Ben was at school, I tackled all of their toys. Some were thrown out, recycled and many were donated at the hospital thrift shop. I was ruthless while sorting through all of their toys and if they hadn’t played with it in ages, it got tossed into the donation bag. Side note: when you reorganize the display of your kid’s toys, they will rediscover the old and make it new again.


“Have a neat and tidy Christmas!

And in case you didn’t hear

Have a neat and tidy Christmas

This year”

Now anytime I leave a scrap of wrapping paper out on the kitchen table or some of the kids mittens on the floor,  I get sung to by my husband.  The real problem is, I’ve caught myself humming his rendition a few times as I sort the laundry or do some other mundane household task.  Have a neat and tidy Christmas!



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