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2 Things I Dislike: Being Sick and Asking For Help

February 12, 2014 // Parenting

A couple of days ago we had plans to host a cute little Valentine’s party and had bought decorations and made cards for little friends. The kids were so excited and for several days beforehand they were running around chanting, ‘We are having a party! A party! A party!‘. Ben had made lovely handmade paper cards for the guests and practiced writing out their names and glueing on hearts he had cut out. It was going to be a special party for sure.

Then early in the morning on the day of the party sickness took of ahold of both me and my husband and the party plans were squashed. I told Ben to go and eat whatever he could reach and give some to his little sister too because mama was just too sick. He came back with a silly grin and said the only thing he could reach was the cupcakes on the counter. You know you are really sick when  it’s 8 AM and you say, ‘I don’t care. Eat the cupcakes and give some to your sister‘.


It’s such a helpless feeling when both parents are ill and the kids are looking at you and asking what’s for breakfast (it really was cupcakes people). It was a terrible day in the land of sick, while leaving out all of the intimate details, I needed good drugs and lots of  IV fluid before I felt like I was in some kind of control over being myself again. Pro tip: if you have over 3,000+ mls of intervenous fluid go into your body and in the next 12 hours you only have two tiny pees (and you DON’T look all puffy)…you were extremely dehydrated.


Now, I’m not one to call myself  overly stubborn but I do have a hard time being blunt and asking for help. During the sickest moments I texted, ‘oh I am so sick‘ to my parents and a couple of friends but I never once said, ‘I need you over here right now. Collect the kids and dog and take them’. I just don’t want to trouble people or make them go out of their way to help me out. Of course, if someone said that to me I would jump right over and wouldn’t think anything of it.

After a few text messages a girlfriend came over and walked the dog, dropped off some supplies and played with the kids. As soon as she left my sickness cranked itself up a few notches and I felt that really horrible sense of despair. My kids were asking me what was for lunch and why was I was making so much noise. My response was, ‘ eat cupcakes!! I don’t care!’I soon realized that I could not be dealing with this at home and the thought of doing so with the kids around seemed like an impossible feat. I could plunk Ben in front of a TV with cupcakes and he would survive, but Josie is still too little and I just could not physically take care of her.

Long story short: I never did bluntly ask for help, instead my sweet friend just put things on hold and came and supported me in the ER. My parents hopped a ferry boat and made their way over here and took my kids to a hotel and have been entertaining them since Monday evening. Both my husband and I have been laid up in bed and we are getting the chance to rest and recover, hopefully getting back to our usual routine soon. While the Valentine’s party did not happen the friendship and love theme I was emphasizing to my children was truly a lesson that unfolded for our entire family.






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  1. Bonnie Way says:

    Awwww! Sorry to hear you were so sick, but I can totally identify with this… I also have a hard time asking for help so I’d probably do the exact same thing! That’s awesome your parents were close enough to come help and a girlfriend was available. 🙂 Hope you feel better soon (and that the kids don’t get it!)

    1. Andrea says:

      Thanks Bonnie! Luckily mine was horrid but NON contagious. So I have that going for me 😉 My parents live on Vancouver Island, so not super close but a short drive, ferry ride, another drive and they got here! I am just about on the mend and the gorgeous sunshine outside my window is really helping.

  2. Margarita says:

    I agree, it’s very difficult to ask for help – I never want to bother anyone or put them out! I hope you are feeling better!