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March 9, 2014 // Parenting

We haven’t taken as many photos this holiday as we have done in the past, which just means that we’ve taken a normal amount of holiday pictures and not the thousands of photos we have on file from other vacations. I think this is most likely because of our sweet little Josie who keeps us hopping with her hilarious toddler antics and her fondness for dashing off at top speeds. She is such a different toddler than Ben was, that’s for sure!

My husband and I went on a fabulous European holiday before Ben was born. About 80% of the photos taken were of me and the other 20% was selfies of us. Somehow my husband is able to hold his arm out and balance his heavy camera better than I could every do so he was always the one to capture our couple selfies. Since we became parents we’ve had significantly less photos of us as a couple, so he humoured me and snapped this silly photo of the two of us.


When Ben was born we seriously had hundreds of photos of him within his first few weeks as a newborn. We even have a couple of fancy photo books of Ben’s first couple of years back when he was an only child. We captured so many great moments and so much cute baby chub and milestones. I still love taking the time to go through all of the photos and look at his early years. Then we had our second child and family photography was scaled way back. Things like making sure everyone was bathed and fed trumped the whole opportunity to take photos and if photos were ever taken there never seemed to be enough time to edit photos. This just means that Josie doesn’t have any of her own photo books and she has a lot less milestones and memories captured as a baby.



I made a bit of an extra effort to get some photos of me and the kids on holidays and I’ve tried to take a few more of my husband with them too. I think we are often all so busy moving through the routine of our days that we don’t get the opportunity to capture daily moments with photos. I love the presence that photography holds in capturing memories and I know that in a week, a month or more I will really be thankful to have been in the shot with my kids.

kaanapali-0006 kaanapali-0003 kaanapali-0002

I’m so happy to have these photos of me with my kids. I’m also happy that I’ll have some material to put in the empty photo frames that hang on my walls. ┬áThere are the frames that I bought back in JULY (!!!!) and they’ve been sitting around waiting to get hung on the wall. Now my empty frames are ready to go and I’m ready to print off family photos and put them up to keep on being enjoyed.

Do you have many photos of you and your mom together? Are you usually behind the lens or the feature subject?



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  1. Brianna says:

    I’m usually behind the lens. I’ve had to make myself aware of it and request another photographer every now and then. Works out well.

  2. Goooooooood for you. I too am trying to be more present in pics to accurately document our life. Right?????

    1. Andrea says:

      I want my kids to have photos of US together. I know my 2 year old won’t remember sipping Lava Flows on the patio in Hawaii, but I hope she enjoys looking at the photo of us together when she is much older.