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Sisters: I’ve Got 2

March 24, 2014 // Parenting

This past weekend I took the kids and went out of town to have a visit with my sisters.  We have always taken the time out of our work schedules, busy life schedules, kid schedules, etc to get together. We once joked that one day  when we are little old ladies we would all be spinsters together and have a house and a garden. However, we weren’t always each others biggest fans and we fought A LOT growing up.

I remember a particularly vicious  fight when I was around 13 or so, it was over a hairbrush and the fight happened while sitting in the back seat of the family car while it was parked in the driveway waiting to be loaded up. A tiny wire had poked up through the seat and as we fought and thrashed around  it snagged on my leg causing a deep cut with lots of blood and dramatics. That was the only fight I felt like I really won. I got all the parental attention and my oldest sis got in trouble for arguing about her hairbrush causing me to get a nasty gash.

“I was probably around 10 years old and wrote ‘FUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOU’ (in my own handwriting nonetheless) on the back page of my eldest sister’s Archie comic.  I was totally shocked and stunned when my parents figured out I had done it!”

There are 3 sisters with a 7 year spread between the oldest and the youngest. We grew up taking turns ganging up on the long sister, often playing 2 against 1 and rotating the enemy sister. Our hatred was often out of jealousy and the usual trails and tribulations of childhood. I’m sure like many of you, our behaviour displayed itself with ridiculous sibling rivalry antics. Much like the time when I was probably about 10 years old and wrote ‘FUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOU’ (in my own handwriting nonetheless) on the back page of my eldest sister’s Archie comic. I had the idea that my parents would find it, punish my sister severely, all while I’ giggled from the sidelines. I was totally shocked and stunned when my parents figured out it was me and I realized that my evil plan to frame my sister had backfired.

Years passed and over time we took turns moving out of the family home and that’s when things started to change with us as sisters and we started to see each other as friends. Eventually we started to want to visit with each other and spend time together. It felt comfortable and refreshing and we did things together that friends did. More years ticked by and soon babies started to join us and we bonded even more intensely over all of our children and our experience with motherhood.


The more years that I get to live, the more I love having sisters in my life and I feel so lucky to have two. This weekend the three of us were able to take the time and meet up. There was the usual chaos with all of the kids around, but there was also lots of coffee and conversation and just hanging out . We got to have a little bit of relaxation at the spa, dinners out and just general ‘being together’. It’s sort of humorous to think back to how much we fought and how mean we were to each other. I’m pretty positive that the 10 year old Andrea would never have believed that she counts her sisters amongst her closest friends.







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  1. Joanna Frost says:

    I wish I had a sister! Maybe not growing up, loved your Archie story, but the friendship sounds beautiful.

    1. Andrea says:

      The Archie comic was a classic childhood moment of mine. I remember it very well.

  2. Jennifer W. says:

    I love my sister! We actually were always close even when we were little but got even more closer the older we got. I dont have kids but she does and I adore being an auntie and seeing her become a mother.

    1. Andrea says:

      I would love to be the parent to siblings that grew up really close. I’m sure it would feel like you won the parenting lottery on that one! Maybe if they are close in age?? I wonder.

  3. Natalie says:

    I love that picture of you 3 with the matching dresses. Very cute!

    1. Andrea says:

      Thanks! My older sis said we should do a recreation of that photo 😉

  4. Bonnie Way says:

    That’s so cool you and your sisters can get together! I have two brothers but they both live far away now. We get along fine and call each other once in a while, but it’s not like I can go hang out at the mall or the coffee shop with them… 🙂 I do enjoy skiing with my twin brother or watching movies with them. And I’ve also reflected on how our relationships have changed over the years… 🙂