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The Big F

July 7, 2014 // Apartment Living, Pure Mama

It was the first trip with my boyfriend to go and visit his parents and I remember feeling really nervous about it. Probably that feeling was made more intense because we had to get on 3 airplanes and fly to a different country, in a different time zone and stay at their home. All on the first meet and greet. This was no family dinner with the potential for dessert, it was a full on immersion into their home.

By the time we rolled up to his parents house it was dark out and we had been driving in a fairly remote area for quite awhile. I was getting all antsy wondering where we were going and when we would be there. Finally we saw a red glimmering large letter F and my boyfriend pointed it out and we were there! His dad had made a big reflector shaped letter F for their surname. He posted it right at the top of the driveway so people wouldn’t miss their house. I loved that.

Turns out I was worried for nothing the visit was fine and his parents were lovely, kind and welcoming.  We stayed at his parents home and slept in twin hospital style beds in their guest room. It was a serious treat to be able to use a convenient control and reposition your bed all around and not actually be in the hospital. I kid you not.


Somewhere I have an old photo of me standing with the F before we left to fly back to Vancouver.  He died awhile after I first met him and I never got to see him again after our first visit. Eventually his mom moved and I was sort of sad that the big F was done. A couple of years later my boyfriend became my husband…yada yada yada.. and for some silly reason I wanted a big red F. Recently I was out and found a sale on largish wooden letters and so I went and searched for my own F. The first top colour choices were already all sold out, eventually I found a lucky silver F and took it home.


I’m still deciding where to hang it but I seriously love it. I love everything the big F represents and if one day down in the future I ever get a home that has a front with a driveway, you can be certain that there will be a big F somewhere nearby.




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