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I’m Not Ready

September 24, 2014 // Vancouver

We are coming off a totally glorious dry summer here in Vancouver and I got seriously used to walking around the city in sandals and t shirts and not worrying about packing layers or umbrellas. We had weeks upon weeks of hot sunshine and we did not waste a moment of it. It was so easy getting the kids ready and out the door. There was no fuss about coats and our footwear was casual and was easy to slip on. However, it is inevitable and things are changing.

You know you live in a rainy place when there is an anonymous art project dedicated to celebrating the seasons here in Vancouver, especially those really wet ones. There’s a cool backstory on those red umbrellas over here.

Rainblossom Project

Let’s talk about footwear

Now that September is well on it’s way to being over, the season of rain is coming our way and I’m not ready. I’m not ready for the need to always have an umbrella stashed somewhere or the change of foot wear that is mandatory. I’m not ready for that feeling of wet feet that happens to me too often, because it wasn’t raining when I left and I stupidly wore my cute slip on flats (story of my life).

For the most part in Vancouver, the rain is  always sort of there but you can often get by with just closed toe shoes.  I didn’t even have real rain boots until a year or so ago when I needed to do more walking to fetch kids from school. It also turns out that unless you are puddle jumping with your kids, wearing boots all day every day isn’t that awesome.


I do have a pair of Hunter rain boots in a bright blue hue and they are great addition to cheering up a dreary driizzly Vancouver day, but honestly I’d rather be wearing flip flops.

Years ago I found a great black water resistant coat at Lululemon and I’ve been trying to breathe life into it for the last couple of years. It’s been my go to coat for walking around and feeling sort of put together and I loved that it tied at the waist. The thing is, it’s lifespan is nearing the end and considering we are just starting the rain season, I might need to get on it with the raincoat browsing. Right now, I’m eyeing this coat in mulberry from Mountain Equipment Co-op. I want something functional but it has to be fashionable too!

I’ll leave you with this cool street photo my husband took awhile back. While I’m not feeling excited or ready for this constant drizzle, the truth is…the rain is here.  Now we live through it to get back to our gorgeous summer.




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  1. Heidi says:

    Andrea, I’m not ready for this rainy grey weather either. I must have to gotten spoiled by the beautiful hot weather we had this summer too, because I am no longer accustomed to this rain! I’ve had my Hunter’s on the last 2 mornings walking to school as well. What would I do without them???

    1. Andrea says:

      At least we can both look stylish walking to and from in the rain! 😉

  2. Janet Murrey says:

    I’m with Heidi. I’m not ready either! We really loved the warm hot summer and we are so sad to see it go. Trading in light late evenings where we’d all go for bike rides or long walks in the woods behind our home. *sigh*. I guess the change of season is inevitable!

    1. Andrea says:

      It is!! We will get into it soon enough, it is just hard leaving something so good behind! Moving forward..embracing socks and all that stuff lol

  3. Bonnie Way says:

    It’s been pouring this week in Victoria too and I’m not ready for it either. I wanna keep wearing my sandals and be able to run out the door without figuring out coats for me (and all the girls). I have a pair of Hunters too, but like you, I don’t want to wear them all day.

  4. Emily says:

    I have a very similar jacket from MEC that I got last year or the year before. I love it. It looks really nice and it’s warm. It has held up really well too!