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February 3, 2015 // Birth & Breastfeeding, Parenting

As I approach the 28 week mark of pregnancy things seem to be starting to get increasingly busy around here! This is a pivotal week in pregnancy for prematurity and survival and it’s also the week that I told the top docs that I was comfortable increasing the surveillance of our baby.


After having a bunch of ‘quieter’ weeks that were sprinkled with doctors appointments and ultrasounds, I’m now seeing some kind of specialist each and every week. I feel like I need a serious date with my day planner so I can keep up on regular family life and all of the appointments that come with being a high risk pregnancy. Forget a social life for the next while.

Right now I can’t quite wrap my mind around how I’m going to make all of these appointments flow, so I am just going to let it unfold the best that I can. I’m hoping I can reach out to friends and family to help me out with my other two kids so that I can go to each high risk appointment with a bit of calmness. It’s enough to just go through the motions of the appointments, let alone having to rear your other kids in the waiting rooms, assessment rooms and offices.

I’ve been bringing Josie to my regular OB appointments and it is always somewhat entertaining (and exhausting) as she asks every time what the vagina posters on the walls are all about. Then she interrupts me and the doctor every 15 seconds asking if she can have the juice box in my purse or watch Netflix on my iPhone. I end up leaving the appointment remembering questions I had wanted to ask my doc but was too distracted to remember.

From now on, I’m going to be having an ultrasound plus an appointment with the high risk doctors each week. On top of that, I’m also going to be going to the hospital for weekly fetal monitoring and seeing my primary OB. It’s sort of a good thing I am off work right now because I don’t think I could fit work into my high risk pregnant life. I am truly appreciative of all these checks on my baby to make sure things are doing well. No red flags will be missed so maybe I can relax a little bit on non appointment days?

After each appointment I feel so exhausted, even if it is was a decent appointment and I didn’t have to wait for hours for the doctor to arrive. I leave feeling okay and then I get in the car and I can feel the stress of it all. It hits my head, then my shoulders like a solid weight and then I feel like I need a mega nap. It’s draining to have so much worry and uncertainty in your everyday life and also just deal with the normal parts of being pregnant.

Until the baby arrives (let’s hope that is April people!!) I think sushi delivery will be in my weekly repertoire along with breakfast for dinner. I’m just going to go easy on myself and really try hard to lessen that usual daily stress we all have so that I can better cope with my life right now.



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