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I Bought Stuff And I Felt Better

February 14, 2015 // Beauty, Pure Mama

If you’ve been reading the posts prior to this one you might think I’ve got things held together pretty nicely despite having some pregnancy stress. I’ve definitely tried my best and I have tapped into all those resources I’d teach my patients about positively coping in shitty situations. The truth is, yammering about resilience and keeping things calm is great, sometimes shopping will also make you feel better.

Last weekend I had a bunch of glorious kid free hours in a row to myself and decided to take that time to go shopping. I rationalized that since I’ve spent so much time at home over the last few months that I must have saved up all my spending money and so I decided to shop.

First stop was to Sephora to find some Yves St Laurent’s touch éclat. Now, this is a product I’ve been using for around 7 years but I’ve been out of it since the first bouts of morning sickness rolled around in early September. I guess I must have given up on what I looked like since that time because restocking my empty make up supply has been a majorly low priority.  I saw a little sign that promised, ‘LOOK LIKE YOU’VE SLEPT 8 HOURS!‘, so I bought it. I mean, I literally bought into the marketing campaign and spent $50 on a tiny pen of stuff to put under my eyes because 8 hours of sleep sounded so dreamy.


Now that things are looking up pregnancy wise I’m off bedrest and I’m back to my usual ways. Albeit, a lot slower than I was a couple months ago! I stocked up on a few more make up essentials that I’ve been doing with out over the last few months. My Wild Plum lipstick from Aveda is my all time every day favourite and so I quickly went in and out of the shop in the most efficient way.

I was feeling pretty peppy with my shopping high and decided to check out Baby Gap because I am a sucker for the sale sign on tiny little newborn sleepers. I’m not one of those pregnant ladies who buys every single thing a newborn will need before the newborn is here in my arms. I’ve never been that way. I usually buy a few essentials and the rest ALWAYS falls into place. Between the on line shopping while I’m up in the middle of the night breastfeeding my cluster feeding newborn or the gifts that friends and family give, the baby will have enough ‘stuff’. That is the take home message to any first time mama out there who might be fretting because the nursery is not totally finished and stocked. It’ll work out.

Anyways, off my blog soap box. I bought the softest sweetest all white newborn sleeper from the Baby Gap and I’ve been showing it to the big kids and allowing myself to get a bit more excited about the idea that a new baby will be joining us in about 9 weeks or less. I love newborns in all white and I have a big soft spot when I find an all white sleeper or baby nightgown.

With purchases in hand I was feeling seriously fatigued from my shopping excursion. It was actually embarrassing how long it took me to go from one shop to the next shop as I’m really slowing down these days and lost so much reserve from my previous months of resting at home. I even had to take a little nap after the shopping trip! Long story short: resilience and positive coping is a great thing but so is a feel good shopping trip.





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