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Right Now


Over the last few months I’ve totally become way more of a homebody than I usually am. When people ask me,’ So! What’s new with you?!’, I don’t really have much to tell them besides children related topics or baby growing kind of things.

In my attempt to keep some form of sanity I do have a few favourite things that have helped me feel sort of like I have a life. I proudly binge watched my way through various Netflix shows and felt that terrible sense of despair when Netflix ran out of seasons to offer me.

Side note: I apparently have a thing for women centred dramas that have to do with legal issues.


Over the weekend I met up with a girlfriend at one of my favourite lounges downtown… at 8 PM people. Basically it was ah-mazing that I was dressed and meeting someone for an 8 PM start. These days I’m such a hermit that as soon as the kids are in bed I’m usually in some kind of full on stretchy outfit with a mountain of pillows and my Netflix ready to go. It felt so great to be out and I loved every minute of the evening.

It seems that over the last few weekends we are in serious preparation mode for this baby’s arrival. Apparently an April baby makes the opportunity for a real Spring cleaning that much more legit. My husband is even in nesting mode as he took on some baby related projects with no wifely prompting. Last weekend he built the bunk beds for Ben and Josie and this weekend he was busy refinishing the crib for baby #3. Plus, he totally researched baby carriers on his own and bought a Beco Soleil baby carrier. 

It seems that all of our weekends off together have been filled with tasks and errands, so I called up the babysitter and we went out for a grown up brunch down the street. I will admit to enviously eyeing my hubby’s mojito and as soon as we inhaled our delicious brunch I wanted to take a nap on the bench that I was sitting on. However, we were out and at a place that was totally not family friendly and it was so nice.


I’m 32 weeks and a bit right now and the goal is to get to 38 weeks Which means 6 more weeks of growing this sweet baby. I can’t wait to show you the newly redone kids room once all the pieces are in place. We are totally making the space work for us and have taken on quite the minimalist approach to the hoarding of toys and other kid trinkets. Anything semi broken or crappy was booted out along with those toys that weren’t being played with anymore. It appears to be another win for quality over quantity.




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