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Ready For Baby: The Bag Is Packed

April 7, 2015 // Birth & Breastfeeding, Pure Mama

My husband keeps asking me if I’ve packed my bag for the hospital yet. The answer is no, not yet. Apparently he is all packed up and has charged his camera gear and is ready to go! You might remember from my other two births that my husband loves birth photography and has a major soft spot for capturing newborns. I’m glad that ‘his’ bag is packed and now I really need to get on top of mine.


My firstborn at just a few days old.


We don’t know what the sex of this baby is so we have lots of neutrals available for sleepers and newborn clothes. It’s a good thing that I absolutely adore a newborn in white because I don’t really love yellows and greens as neutral newborn clothes.

Inside my hospital bag for this baby: 2 different outfits for the baby to wear, including the one they will wear home. I absolutely love newborn nightgowns for the ease of changing diapers and also because newborns love to scrunch their legs up and have their feet close together, much like they did in the womb. I’ve got one baby nightgown packed that Ben and Josie both wore.

Since we plan to do lots of skin to skin, we don’t need a bunch of extra sleepers packed along. That makes things a bit easier all around. However, the baby does have a new white sleeper that I found at the Gap awhile back. If you love white like me you will know how tricky it is to find white newborn items!


The mandatory items we bring to the hospital in our baby bag!


All of our babies have worn the same white knitted going home ensemble. A soft knitted cap, booties and little tiny baby jacket. My mother in law made them when we were waiting for Ben to arrive and both Ben and Josie wore it home. I love having these small traditions to welcome in our newest family member.

Even more with the family traditions is the orange cashmere blanket that each baby uses. Back when I was pregnant with Ben, my husband and I were traveling around Italy and one afternoon while we were shopping in Florence he picked out a soft tiny baby blanket from Loro Piana.


Our little Josie all wrapped up in the family baby blanket.

This blanket keeps getting passed down from one sibling to the next and every night they get to use the blanket from newborn life to toddlerhood. Josie just gave it up when she moved from the crib to her bottom bunk bed. I remember thinking how costly it was when we first bought it, but considering how much wear it has had over 6+ years, it was well worth it.

Now the lamb in the photo is just a token really, another family tradition that we continue to do. When Ben was wee he got a lamb that he loved and took everywhere. It even is adorned with a fuzzy white moustache that he placed on it when he was 3. When his sister was born he brought her a fuzzy lamb and she sleeps with it nightly. So, it was obvious that the siblings would get the new baby their own lamb!

The baby’s hospital bag is all packed and now I should get even more on top of things and pack my own bag! Nearing 37 weeks of pregnancy and have maybe 1-2 more weeks of pregnancy left before I have an induction of labour for type 1 diabetes. Things are happening over here people!





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  1. Hillary says:

    Very exciting! I love your family traditions and how involved Ben and Josie already are in their new sibling’s arrival 🙂

  2. I adore white clothes on babies! Something so pure and sweet about it. I love it on toddlers and older kids, too. Consequently I also love Oxyclean 😉