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My Hair Might Be Falling Out But At Least My Lips Look Good!

August 18, 2015 // Beauty, Pure Mama

The post partum period can actually be kind of intimidating even when it’s the third time around. You’ve had your baby but your body isn’t necessarily back to where it was at before being pregnant… and then all of your hair falls to remind you that hormones rule the world.

Like clockwork at around the 3 month mark my hair started falling out, creating tumbleweeds all across the apartment and clogging shower drains. Basically every single stand of gorgeous hair that grew during my pregnancy decided to quit at the same time and now I am finding hair everywhere. I find my hair in the baby’s diaper, in her mouth, wound up in her tiny little hands. I find it coating all my clothing and the bedsheets are now like a jungle of long dark strands of my locks. I knew it was coming, I was ready for it and now I just kind of want to get it over with.

I’ve read tips about slowing down the hair loss by not combing your hair too vigorously and using extra conditioner to keep things hanging around a bit longer, but I’m just like ‘get it done!’.  So, I  take the bristle brush to my hair and do 100 strokes. Luckily, my case of post pregnancy hair loss is just average but I’ve had girlfriends who have experienced it on a more intense level.

Right now I can hide my lady balding spots with my long hair but there is definitely a change to my hair line and a tight pulled back ponytail revels the truth! I think that I’ll do a bit of a chop soon and I’ll keep on with the regular hair brushing. In a few months time it will be all about the ‘baby hairs’ as new growth crops up.

In other news, last month I received a fun birthday gift from my mum and sister for a monthly subscription to Birch Box. I filled out a little info about myself and my likes and each month they send me a fresh box of beauty related treats. Today’s delivery was like perfect timing really, what with the hair loss issue and all. So, while I’m feeling all befuddled about my current hair state, I got to try out a few fun beauty treatments that I might not normally have bought.birchboxblog

This month’s Birch Box was a bunch of different stuff for my skin and hair (ha!). There was also a fun pink chubby lipstick that I had to instantly try on and test out. Not my usual colour and not something I’d necessarily grab while shopping for make up. However, I’m kind of loving this pink colour and I like how it really stayed on my lips. I’m already excited for next months box delivery!






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  1. Gemma says:

    fantastic lip color on you! i think it’s a keeper! i love getting monthly gift boxes too!