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I’m A Hip Mama: Tales Of Infant Hip Dysplasia

August 25, 2015 // Parenting

When Elisabeth was first born the pediatrician checked her hips and she was given the all clear. No clicks or clunks or anything suspicious was noticed. Her risk factors for hip problems include being female and my own history of having hip dysplasia when I was a baby. At a recent doctors visit for Elisabeth we were told to get her hips checked with an ultrasound at the Children’s Hospital.

After that ultrasound we learned our wee girl had mild hip dysplasia of both hips and needed to go to the ortho doctor for treatment. Her hips were not dislocated like mine had been as a baby, but she still needed some treatment to prevent things from possibly getting more serious as she grew. That treatment came in the form of a hard brace that fixed her hips into an ideal position.


We saw the nurse practitioner and we were told that Elisabeth needed to wear a hard brace for the next 3 months at least. I wasn’t too upset by this news, I had already googled the world wide web on everything about hip dysplasia and babies. We knew we were in the ideal situation of catching the dysplasia early on when things could be corrected by a brace versus possible surgery later on.

Life right now she is wearing a brace made out of plastic and foam for 23 hours a day. We get to take it off for 1 hour of tummy time each day. The most amazing part so far was that the very first time the brace was placed on Elisabeth she was all like, ‘Meh! What’s the big deal people?‘ and was seriously chill about it. It was a fresh reminder about how adaptable babies really are. bracetrioOur first day with the brace we went out in the stroller with no adaptions and she went in our front baby carrier with ease. We went out for lunch and dealt with diaper changes and brace applications in the restaurant bathroom. All of us went to the playground and children ran up to the stroller to say hi to the baby and not one of them even noticed her funny frog leg position or the blue and white brace on her lower half.

We’ve nursed with not a lot of change but more pillows are needed to help support both of us. The only real negative that I see is when she nurses there is a hard piece of plastic and velcro against my skin while I hold her. Not the most comfortable thing but not terrible. She will wear this brace everyday all day until November and then we see how things have gone, but for now I get to claim my title as a Hip Mama.




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  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m also a 30 something mama with an infant with hip dysplasia. She is currently in the Plavik harness but looks like the Rhino Cruiser is coming next week. I noticed your daughter is in the Baby Bjorn bouncer… did that seem to work well with the brace?

    1. Stephanie says:

      Oh, and we are city people, too, living in downtown Houston… wouldn’t change it!

    2. Andrea says:

      Hey Stephanie! I think you are going to find that having your baby in the Rhino Cruiser is going to be so much better than the Plavik. My little girl was able to do most of the same things that my other babies did at that age, all in the Rhino Cruiser. Our biggest issue was the velcro getting stuck on my clothing. I know!! lol
      She fit in nicely in our Bjorn Bouncer and the one she is in in this picture is the mini one. We also were able to wear her in our Ergo carrier with the brace on too. She wore all her regular pants and even some dresses with tights and onesies under worked too.