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September 29, 2015 // Beauty, Pure Mama

My current addiction is watching back to back episodes of Scandal on Netflix while cuddle up in my bed with a nursing baby next to me. Either that or in the bath tub with my lap top resting precariously atop the closed toilet. The first two seasons I couldn’t get over the funny faces that Olivia Pope makes through out each episode. I’m sure I can’t be the only one that semi cringes over her facial expressions because by season 3 the funny faces were paired way down to near extinction.


In my perfect world I’d be a morning person that gleefully rises out of bed, pulls the lid off my slow cooker apple oatmeal and starts the day nice and early. However, usually I’ve usually spent too many late night hours laying in bed watching ‘just one more’ episode of Scandal. That and I’ve got a baby who still eats at night. Some mornings I feel kind of like doing a lot of nothing productive with a side of coffee and more baby snuggles. I’m reading about this bloggers quest to become a morning person and wondering if I’ll ever get there.

Everywhere I look downtown I see the half top knot and the truth is,  I am not hating it. I like this casual hairdo and it’s a nice change from the usual top knots that graces half of the city’s mamas, my own included. Fellow blogger Whoorl isn’t a fan of the half top knot but it is seriously a thing in Vancouver. Are you yeah or neigh for the half top knot?


Check out the You Tube video to perfect your half up top knot

The other day I went to the new Nordstrom that just opened up downtown and was kind of intrigued by all the fancy fashionista people walking around. I was kind of struck by the amount of older ladies with silver locks who rocked accessories and the latest fall shoes. Where were these glam older ladies before this department store opened up shop? The amount of fancy that I saw on this afternoon put my own top knot and jersey pants to shame.




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  1. Samantha P. says:

    I Love the half top knot. it is riduclously cute and kind of relaxed but put together. I totally disagree with Whoorl and her anti half top knot blog post. West Coat ladies be rocking it!!

  2. Franny says:

    Oh yes to the half top knot!!! Whatever makes me feel more like I’ve actually tried over just throwing things together and the half top knot is it. Sorry Sarah James, the half top knot is rocking!

  3. Well I am totally in the I LOVE HALF TOP KNOT camp. So there!

  4. Ji!l says:

    I have been binge watching scandal after putting my kids to bed, and in the morning while breastfeeding my six month old. Totally agree with you about Olivia’s faces.

    1. Andrea says:

      That was me too Jill! I’d put the big kids to bed and then go lay in bed with the baby nursing and watch episodes of Scandal. I had a serious addiction. Oh just one more episode!