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Christmas With Fly Over Canada! Not Just For Tourists!


Recently we were given the chance to experience Christmas at Vancouver’s FlyOver Canada. My big kids, ages nearly 4 and 7, were so excited to go and see what it was all about. When we arrived at Canada Place we didn’t have to wait too long in line before we were hanging out with Santa’s elves and the polar bears in the lounge.


Before you take your seat on Flyover Canada, you get to hang out in a themed lounge. The decor was spot on and definitely put you into the festive mood. Luckily, Josie just squeaked by in the height department and was able to go on the ride. An extra loop in the lap belt made it safe for us to get on board and get ready for our flight.

The best part of this ride was most certainly hearing my kids giggles and cheers of glee while flying. I think they really thought we might have been flying as the chair literally does lift up and move with the movie. When they spotted Santa’s elves they’d let me know with cheers. Then when a cool mist sprayed on our faces while flying high above the mountains, their happy laughter was seriously joyous. and they were completely engaged the entire ride.

One of the best things about being a tourist in your own city is being able to experience events like Christmas at FlyOver Canada. In fact, this event was so much fun that it shouldn’t just be left for tourists!  As a local, this was so much fun to attend!


If you are hoping to catch some holiday cheer you have until January 5th to experience Christmas at FlyOver Canada. Whether you are an actual tourist or a local just playing tourist, this event is most definitely fun and will leave a lasting impression of Canada’s beauty.

For tickets click here! Let me know if you enjoyed the delicious S’mores stations after your FlyOver experience!




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  1. Sarah says:

    Great! We need something to do with out of town guests. This sounds perfect.