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I Have Three Kids. What’s It To You?

April 5, 2016 // Parenting

The other day I was loading up my car after picking up the oldest from school. We were doing pretty good and there was no big event from the kids to warrant any attention. However, we did get attention and it was not necessarily positive attention.

‘Whoa. Three kids. That’s crazy! Aren’t you suppose to see a psychiatrist for that?’

An older guy parked behind me on the road and I guess he felt compelled to make a comment about me having three kids. Luckily I was not feeling over sensitive that day and responded back, ‘I think you see the psychiatrist after the three kids, right?’.

This was followed by my awkward laughter because I hate hate hate confrontations, especially with random strangers. The guy wished me ‘good luck’ and I continued to load the kids into the car but his comment rubbed me the wrong way.


kids with dog silhouette

Having three kids in the downtown setting is rare and most families have one or two kids. In my son’s grade two class there are mostly single child families and we are by far the exception as a family of five.

I feel like a special breed of person when I am out and about with all three kids walking down the city sidewalks. Crossing major intersections while pushing the stroller, one kid dancing to one side of me and the other kid taking the lead. However, drive an hour east and my three kids would be no big deal and we would probably be getting asked when our fourth would be added.




On Friday I was picking Ben up at school and it was a glorious warm sunny day. I had the baby in her stroller and Josie was there full of energy. We were taking it slow and we had absolutely no stress going on. The kids asked to play at the school park and that is when it happened.

‘Are all three of these kids yours?’

What? What? I was confused and thrown and before I could say another word the mom said, ‘Oh my goodness! This is so good! I have four! We have to stick together!‘. Four! She has four lovely children and she lives in an apartment downtown. She gave me the biggest hardest high five of my adult life and I felt like we had become blood sisters and I almost hugged her because she was just so nice.

I was so excited about meeting another Mama in the City who had more kids than me that I totally forgot her name. Trista? Kristen? Whatever her name is, we will definitely be sticking together.



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Hi! I'm Andrea, a 30 something girl who loves living the downtown lifestyle and didn't want to give it up once I started a family. Mama in the City since 2008 and blogging since 2009!


  1. Rachel says:

    I love meeting other downtown families with 3 (or more) kids!
    We are for sure a unicorn down here and I get comments all the time. The servers at Yaletown Brew Co always seem to say something 🙂
    Yeah families of five!

    1. Andrea says:

      Me too! Now that the baby is a bit more out and about and not snoozing in a carrier, I feel like we get more comments! Yeah for families of five! Love it!

  2. Jenn says:

    Hooray for your family of five! And doing it downtown is amazing in my opinion. Backyards come with ridiculously HUGE price tags these days, and I am a firm believer of making our city our backyard, one that changes daily depending on what part of the city we are playing in that day! We are a family of four right now (2 parents 2 kids), and even though we are just getting to see “the light” again having just had our second, we often toss around the idea of adding a third child! Love reading your blog and being inspired by it!

    1. Andrea says:

      Thanks Jenn!I totally agree with you and when those gorgeous sunny days come and we wander around our big ‘backyard’ I totally feel like we are where we are suppose to be! Plus I don’t have to spend the day cutting the grass 😉
      Kind of exciting that you are dreaming of #3!