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Dear Four Year Old

April 18, 2016 // Parenting, Pure Mama, Uncategorized

There is something really special about four year olds. They no longer carry around constant reminders of babyhood  but they aren’t quite a big kid yet. A four year old has a personality that is blossoming with enthusiasm every single day and they can still be ridiculously cute.

Right now I’m really enjoying spending time one on one with my own four year old. Besides my love for all things baby, the four year old age might just be my next favourite.

Josie is four years old and right now her world is her family and I’m like the coolest person she knows. Things start to shift once school is added to their lives and their world gets a little bigger. They meet new friends and form new social groups, their teacher becomes a big part of their life five days a week and their sense of self changes.


Four year olds can be kind of hilarious. They don’t totally grasp all of the ins and outs around social boundaries but are getting good at playing around with them. For example, this past weekend we were out at the park taking family photos and my sweet four year old was having fun and loudly shouted out “peanut butter vagina!“. She seemed confused when we said, ‘shhh  shhh shhh!!’ and when other parents stared at her. This is four.

When you’re four and you feel like dancing in the coffee shop because your favourite song comes on, it’s no big deal and you just bust a move. People will think it’s cute and the regular barista will smile at you and tell your kid what a great dancer they are.


Listening to a four year old tell a story can be genuinely funny. You may even laugh out loud listening to your four year old recount an event that happened. Their world of imagination and reality can be quite fun and is so genuine.

If you are ever in need of brutal honesty on any subject just ask any four year old and they will tell it like it is. Does this swimsuit look good on me? Ask a four year old. What do you think of my new eyeshadow? Ask a four year old. The truth just rolls out of them.


Four year olds don’t really care what you think of them and usually their self esteem is ample. They will wear a mismatched wardrobe and be all, ‘what?‘ when you ask them if they really want to wear rainbow patterned shorts with a long sleeved green shirt and their red cowgirl boots. They will also feel totally fantastic in the outfit and that is what makes them awesome.

What’s your favourite age in childhood? Are you with me on the four year old or do you have a different age that feels kind of special?








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  1. Tonya S. says:

    I really love four years old too. They are still kind of baby cute and they can say the funniest things. I’m with you on this one!

  2. Marcie says:

    I really love a 8 year old. They are independent and can do so much on their own but you get these little conversations with them where you realize they really still need you!

  3. They’re just amazing!! I’m totally agreed with you. To be honest, kids say darndest things are the funniest and cutest things in parenthood.