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Current Crushes

May 27, 2016 // Beauty

When I find something that I truly love I just cannot keep it to myself. Here are my current favourite things that I’m totally crushing on.


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Last week we had a wedding to go to and I wanted to buy a new dress that could see me through the wedding but that could also be worn many times over. Luckily on my first stop I found a simple dress, the Wilfred Free Muse dress from Aritzia.  This dress can be dressed up or down and it has pockets! Something my husband totally didn’t get why I was so excited about, but pockets on dresses are seriously awesome.

A while back I was walking around downtown and decided to treat myself to something that I’ve had my eye on for quite a while. A nebulizer diffuser from Saje Wellness. Ever since I brought it home I’ve been diffusing their Relax oil blend in my bedroom and I can’t get enough. When I love something I always have to share and so I bought my mum her own nebulizer for Mother’s Day.


One thing that drives me nuts is being out and having my iPhone have no charge. Having to search for an outlet to charge up my phone or just having to deal with a phone that is on 1%. I’ve definitely moved to that level where having a phone with me feels kind of mandatory and it’s kind of my life line. I got an Apple battery pack case and there’s no turning back.












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  1. Natalie S. says:

    Great dress recommendation and at $75 it isn’t too badly priced either!

  2. Jamie M. says:

    Fab photo of you. Love the gold shimmery back drop. I also love a dress with pockets. Makes something that is dressed up have a casual vibe.

  3. Lacey Greene says:

    Do you think that dress is TTS or does it run small? I never know with Aritzia clothing. Sometimes I find the sizes a bit confusing. Thanks!