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The End Of Babyhood

June 10, 2016 // Parenting, Pure Mama

No one tells you just when your baby will turn into a toddler. One moment they are needing you in such an intense way and the next moment you’re doing an over exaggerated goodbye with a one year old. “Bye bye baby! Can you say bye bye mummy? Oh wow! That’s SOOO good!’. You know the story.

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Elisabeth is now officially 14 months old and for the first time I’m realizing that she is now becoming more of a toddler and less of a tiny baby. Of course, she will always be our tiny baby but aren’t most last born children stuck with the ‘baby’ title in the family?

When I went back to work I referred to Lizzy as ‘the baby’ and someone corrected me and told me she wasn’t a baby anymore. Obviously I was super offended because in my world she was still this baby who needed so much care. In reality she was just at the end of her babyhood and tip toeing into toddlerhood.

The CDC considers toddlerhood to be from 1-2 years and other resources say that a toddler is when they turn 18 months till just before 3 years old. All I know is that a change takes over your baby and even though there still might be some major baby needs, that tiny baby is growing up.

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Once these five things clicked into place, I felt fairly confident that my little Lizzy was now a toddler. A new (baby sized) toddler.

  1. They start voicing  loud opinions over things without using actual words. “AIE AIE AIE AHH RAH MAAA!! When you put them in their stroller after swinging at the park, they will let you know.
  2. Throwing a tantrum when you take something away from them. Sorry baby, you can’t have my iPhone or a sip of this hot coffee.
  3. Looking at books and not just to see if they can chew the edge of the page but to actually look at the pictures.
  4. Pointing to parts of their body (and parts of yours too!) to name body parts. We’ve got nose, eye, ear and belly button down pat.
  5. A continual clutter of messy papers on the floor despite just previously tidying up that area. You know your baby is a toddler when they find any stack of papers, magazines or work related files and dump them out all over the floor in total absolute glee.
Peekaboo! When you're a toddler you think you're hiding when you can't see me. Surprise!

Peekaboo! When you’re a toddler you think you’re hiding when you can’t see me. Surprise!

While I am a huge sucker for all things baby and have a ridiculous need to smell the top of the head of a newborn, I am totally digging this new stage and all the hilarity that comes with living with a toddler.




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  1. Janey Mc says:

    That little sun bather looks ready for the beach or pool. I always felt sad when the baby stage was over but each stage has their own amazing things too!

  2. S.P says:

    She is really something else Andrea. So cute and so amazing.