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Mastering My Motherhood

June 16, 2016 // Parenting

Walking down the city sidewalks pushing the stroller, my middle girl holding onto the side, usually chatting and telling a story, my oldest boy walking behind looking at things or right there on the other side of the stroller.  That is how I will remember my motherhood; all together and always moving.



Photo by Alana Couch Photography

A year into this mom of three gig and I can tell you quite honestly that it is a lot of work. I’ve let regular hair washes for me slide and I just might put on the same pair of pants four days in a row but honestly at the end of the day I’m okay with that.

I never really had a fixed idea on how many kids I would have, all I knew is that I wanted kids and I liked babies. Two seemed like a good number, probably not more than four though. Here I am, seven and a half years after having my first baby and I’ve got three babies. Three. Amazing. Amazing.

Some days I feel like I’m some sort of parenting expert and have things sorted out just right. While other days I feel like I have no clue what to do and like I’m trying to constantly catch my breath and not lose my cool.

One thing I can count on is that there seems to be a constant movement of learning and just when I think I know what I’m doing, the kids grow and change and I start back at square one.

Photo by Alana Couch Photography

Photo by Alana Couch Photography

Mothering three little kids means that I am literally never bored. The days are filled with caring for basic needs and shuffling to and from activities and school that it’s difficult to remember to feel gratitude for being their mother. The busyness often gets in the way of appreciating my motherhood.

When the day has settled and no one needs anything, even for that short moment before someone wakes up, it is then that the thankfulness seeps in and I can embrace my motherhood.



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  1. Hannah says:

    This really resonated with me. I often feel like I am not mastering anything in my own motherhood of two boys. I am merely existing. Then I have some time away from them, work/gym/etc, and I can have those moments of reflection and the AHA!! I am doing motherhood right. Love this post by the way.

  2. Rachel says:

    So nice to read this post from another mother of three. Adding our third has been wonderful but in all honesty much more work than we expected. We do a lot more divide and conquer weekend afternoons where one parent takes the older two and the other one takes the baby. And we have really found we both need nights off more so we each take at least one evening to ourselves – no making dinner or evening routine – to go out and recharge. The nice thing is that we know some of this is temporary – toddlerhood doesn’t last forever! And we both marvel that once you have three kids having just 1 or 2 to take care of feels easy 🙂