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Should You Have A Baby Shower After The First Baby?

August 17, 2016 // Parenting, Pure Mama, Uncategorized

Expecting your first baby is really something else. Everyone is so pepped for you and the world is your oyster. You will never have the same amount of excitement about one of your babies as you did for the first.

My sisters and my mum threw me my first baby shower after baby Ben had made his entrance a month ahead of schedule. The party was filled with so many cute baby pressies and the love was palpable.

I was legit excited about receiving my very first Bumbo and all the baby board books galore. Fast forward to baby number two and three, the excitement was still there and I still wanted to celebrate that baby.

For me, I like to wait till baby arrives to celebrate with a ‘Welcome Baby’ party. Instead of sitting at shower with a big bump and holding up onesies and newborn blankets while your friends look on, I always chose to wait till baby was earthside to celebrate. Plus waiting till baby has arrived is a great way for a bunch of people to meet your baby all at the same time. I loved having a mass of friends over to celebrate and welcome my babies.


With number three, who was my hardest and scariest pregnant, her arrival felt like it should most definitely be celebrated. I loved having a ‘Welcome Baby Party’ for Elisabeth and have so many special memories of close friends and family meeting her.

My youngest sister had her second baby this past May and she opted to not have a traditional baby shower or welcome party. However, every baby still needs to be celebrated! It’s not just first babies that should get the baby shower and the parade of gifts and well wishes.

I decided to choose a gift that could be for my sister and also for the new baby. Besides the gift I also gifted them with an evening out while I babysat the two kids. Who better to be the first babysitter than an auntie who has three kids of her own and is a maternity nurse? I mean, c’mon!


  1. 2016 baby card with handwritten message
  2. ‘Strong as a mother’ t shirt from Delish General Store
  3. Blush soak for mama from Bébé de Luxe
  4. Soft little lamb from The Cross Design
  5. Paddington Bear board book to celebrate our English heritage and give something to read to baby and big sister

What are your thoughts on baby showers for second plus babies? Give me your two cents!







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  1. Samantha says:

    LOVE love love the gift box you put together!! I totally agree that each baby should be celebrated and I love the idea of a welcome party. My friend just had a Sip and See and it was so much fun. She got to have all the company over instead of spacing it out and she said it was much better that way.

  2. Kyla Lepp says:

    It’s a do!! Can you believe when I had my second baby and a friend threw a little luncheon. It was meant to be a meet and greet but one friend thought it was so inappropriate to have another party for a second baby that she ‘refused to come’. How old fashion. Not a great friend it turns out.

  3. Kelsey Carr says:

    I am loving that tee shirt! Totally going to check it out. Great gift. I’d have killed to receive something like that!