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Breaking Into Fall

September 1, 2016 // Apartment Living, Parenting, Vancouver

The other evening I was getting a ride home from work and as we walked to her car I could just feel the change in the air. Driving towards the beach I couldn’t help but notice that the sky was just a little bit darker than it had been the week before. There was a crispness in the air that was relieved with a sweater.

Summer fades to fall and I actually feel kind of impartial to it all. I don’t love it or hate it yet I’m still always ready for the change. We had such a fun time this summer and the three kids are at a fun age but there’s no choice except to move ahead.

Yesterday we were hit with a rainy day; the rain started overnight and kept going on and off all day. I felt like the rain confirmed that summer is over and, well, that it’s time for us to move on.


painting-2 painting-3

I wore my pyjamas most of the day and we didn’t go outside till after 4 PM. I drank hot coffee and we listened to music.  There was dance parties and Netflix and we made it through our new pile of library books.

Then we got up to some serious painting.

Our sweet Elisabeth has become quite the vocal toddler and with two big kids around she wants to do everything they do. Parenting that third baby feels so different and I love it. I find myself to be more present and more relaxed.


“Sure, Elisabeth. Here’s your paper, your paints and a paintbrush. Try not to eat the paint..or at least not too much of it, okay?”


We haven’t had one of these days together in a long time. A day where we’re all together with no place to go. We are often outside adventuring or just out and about, so it was refreshing to slow things down. Deep breath, things are changing.




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  1. Steph says:

    Sounds like a seriously lovely day. Much needed I’m sure!

  2. Merris says:

    Love the photo update of all three of your kids. It’s so nice to see them all doing something together. Ben and Elisabeth sure do look a like! Wow!

  3. Alexis Newman says:

    We always take out the pile of board games and get the snacks going when the rain is here. It feels so cozy and I love it!