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Do You Send Out Christmas Cards?

November 29, 2016 // Holiday Talk, Parenting, Pure Mama

I love receiving mail and I don’t mean the electronic kind. It’s the enveloped, stamped, addressed and posted type of mail that makes me happy. Nothing makes my heart soar as much as opening our community mailbox in the condo lobby and finding a card or two inside.

I’ve also always been that person who enjoys sending off thank you notes or random cards of cheer to friends through out the year. However, I’ve found that with each passing year things have shifted to more of an on line presence and less snail mail is sent out.

It’s the enveloped, stamped, addressed and posted type of mail that makes me happy.

Now it’s common place to thank people for gifts by sending out a text message and send people well wishes via Facebook. We use our social media feed to wish special people in our lives a ‘Happy Birthday!’ and forgo sending out paper cards. I miss holding that paper card in my hands and having it on display to help celebrate whatever occasion it may be.

Every Christmas I’ve sent out cards and posted them off with a hint of excitement thinking about the cards that might come in return. I love the whole process of choosing Christmas cards and losing myself in the process of selecting the perfect one. If I was a crafty person I am sure I’d love to put together my own paper cards but the last few years I’ve often used on line services.

I adore switching from my regular address labels to my Christmas ones and last year I sent off about fifty hand written cards to family and friends and was sent about ten in return. TEN! Honestly, it is sad to see the decline in this tradition.


I think our current social media use definitely makes it easier to send out mass greetings and keep in touch on a regular basis. I’ve found that each year the exchange of the classic Christmas card seems more and more on the decline. However, I still enjoy keeping with traditions and going the old fashion paper route.

Are people forgoing the tradition of sending out Christmas cards in lieu of sending out a big ‘Merry Christmas!’  through social media? 

Back in 2008 my first was a baby who cried nonstop and didn’t sleep more than 45 minutes in a row. I didn’t put up a Christmas tree that year cause I was so exhausted but I did send out a pile of cards. I stood dancing with him in a baby carrier, writing out cards on our mantle. I didn’t have to do it but I did because it was important to me.

It took me a lot longer than usual but the stack of cards were posted off in the mail and it felt great to be able to continue on with that tradition despite feeling so busy and tired.
Receiving cards in the mail helps me to feel connected to people that I might not see regularly and even those that I do. Every single Christmas one of my Canadian cousins, who I don’t see regularly, sends my family the most brilliant Christmas card and I love feeling this connection!

If you’re wavering about sending out Christmas cards this year get motivated and hop back on the postage train!

Go read up on the history of sending out Christmas cards.




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  1. I enjoy getting snail mail and love a personal note on those Christmas cards.

  2. Lisa says:

    I DO!!!


    most of my friends do not and it annoys me. A few used to do it but seriously they got lazy. I think it is a great tradition like you said and it doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate if you don’t want. I think more people should take the time away from Facebook and sit down with their pen and lick those envelopes!