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Snow Day in the City

December 5, 2016 // Parenting, Pure Mama, Vancouver

Today we waved goodbye to my husband, who headed up to Whistler mountain for a week long work retreat, and said a big HELLO to some big fluffy white flakes. Today also happened to be a scheduled day off from school for the big kids and the snow couldn’t have come at a better time.


I can probably count actual snow days on one hand since I’ve been living here the last fourteen years. In fact, unless you are a skiing/snow boarding family most Vancouverites don’t have proper snow attire. It’s commonplace to see Vancouver kids out in the snow wearing their rain boots!

We had to make a makeshift snow day outfit for Lizzy. Complete with an old handmade toque and some leg warmers over her pants for an extra layer of warmth. We didn’t have snow boots or snow pants on hand so she stayed cozy in her stroller holding snow balls in her mittens and watching the big kids.


There was the time in ’08  that we had a big dump of snow back right over Christmas. I had just one tiny baby and it was the most snow I had ever seen, leaving the city to come to a total halt.  Then there was the snow day that happened the afternoon Josie came home from the hospital as a newborn. I can vividly remember the blast of arctic air as we hurried from hospital to the car to drive home and feeling a little nervous on the roads with my bundle of joy in her carseat.

You can never count on snow sticking around the city for any length of time so you have to take full advantage of the white stuff at first flake. Which means my big kids went out with their dad to catch some flakes as soon as they woke up this morning. In total we went out three different times over eight hours and the last time it was hard to find enough snow to make a snow ball.



I love seeing how my West Coast kids react to snow! I am positive that my oldest would go out in shorts and frolic and have the best time of his life and never feel the cold. My middle was interested and enjoyed it for five minutes but despite many layers, she was too cold to want to keep going. The littlest just wanted to sit and hold the snow ball that her brother made her and  I just enjoyed watching them have their happy moments.





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  1. Janice McGomery says:

    Looks lovely! We will not see any snow unless I scrape out the inside of my freezer and let the kids play with that lol. Oh sunny Christmastime! 😉