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Pet Adoption Birthday Party!

February 6, 2017 // Apartment Living, Parenting

This year Josie decided she wanted to do a pet adoption theme for her birthday party. We had already decided to do a small at home party and this theme sounded like something I could manage! The idea was to have guests select a puppy, care for it and adopt it and take it home.

We thought it would be cute if the guest of honour was ‘Dr. Josie the veterinarian’ so we pulled out our old doctors costume for the occasion. She was thrilled to dress the part and took her role very seriously!  We had a box of different puppies for the guests to choose from, along with these adoption certificates that they would later help personalize.

Each child picked out one puppy and were given a puppy house too. We had spray bottles with misty water, a dryer, a measuring tape and our assorted doctor tools from our doctors kits. The kids had a blast measuring their puppies but the big winner was washing our pups!

We set up a station with towels so the newly adopted pups could get a light wash and a supervised dry. The kids took turns using the instruments to give pretend immunizations, check for fleas and asses the overall health of their new pup!

You could go on and on with this theme as it lends itself to so many different party ideas. We did do a pin the tale on the poodle as one of our planned party games and to help get the party started! Turns out kids of all ages love to play pin the tale!

At the end of the party the kids put their puppy into the paper box house and signed their adoption certificate but not before choosing the perfect name for their pup. This was a super sweet birthday party and was low key and simple on the organizational side.

Plush puppies: Oriental Trading

Dog house paper favour boxes: Oriental Trading

Adoption certificates: Etsy

Pin the tale on the poodle: Etsy



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  1. Samantha Wright says:

    What a fun idea! I love it! Love the pic of the little girls gleefully picking out a puppy. You always come up with the cutest party ideas.