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A Birthday Bike For Lizzy

April 11, 2017 // Parenting, Vancouver

We had a special birthday in our family today! The ‘baby’ turned two years old and she was celebrated all day long. First while I was out working and she was with our babysitter and big sister at the park. There was a picnic with balloons and cake and of course singing. I love that she was so celebrated while I was working! Other people loving on your child feels like the best thing ever.

A few weeks ago my husband bought her a bike for her birthday. It shipped to us and late one night he was busy in the living room putting it together. Then we had to stash away and hide this tiny bike until the big day. Hiding presents can be tricky when living in a condo as there really aren’t so many hiding spots but we did it!

We gave Ben a bike back when he turned 2 and, wow, that boy owned the Yaletown seawall with the way he zoomed up and down it on a daily basis. He would ride to daycare and ride home with me chasing behind him. Pedal free run bikes had just started to come out on the market back then and we were one of the firsts where we lived to have a toddler on one. The amount of people that stopped to take in the sight of a toddler cruising the seawall was hilarious.

Fast forward to my third baby turning the big TWO and we decided she needed a run bike too. I waited outside with the three kids while my husband brought the bike outside. The look of happiness on her tiny toddler face was exactly what I hoped for. I think she was just happy that she finally had her own bike, just like her siblings.

Of course, when you are the youngest with a couple of older siblings you’re going to get all the assistance and teaching you can imagine. Big sis was totally into trying to help the birthday girl learn to get on the bike and push off and was so patient with Lizzy.

I’m hoping that as the weeks tick by we will get more sunny light filled evenings and this little two year old can soon be cruising the seawall on her own. Until then, she has many helpers ready! I can’t believe my baby is a two year old! Cue all the mama feelings!



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