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Maplewood Farm Birthday Party

April 28, 2017 // Parenting, Vancouver

It was probably sometime after Christmas when our littlest girl started to fall in love with anything and everything to do with the farm. She talked about riding horses, petting goats and feeding chickens and we all thought it was totally adorable. We decided to celebrate Elisabeth’s second birthday with a family farm themed party. I mean, how could we not? We headed away from the city and out of the apartment and over to North Vancouver’s Maplewood Farm. Just under a twenty minute drive from downtown.

If you’re thinking about booking a birthday party here make sure you book at least two months in advance. We booked in February and we were able to get our second choice for our April date. On the day of our actual party there were apparently two other birthday parties following ours. This is a happening location!

In the last few years Maplewood Farm’s has opened up a new fresh party room that boasts a lot of natural light and a perfect space to host in. I was pleasantly surprised at the party room and the layout was ideal for our group. Which included a wheelchair, a stroller, a bunch of kids 11 months to thirteen years old and a some adults.

Of course, we had to book in for the farm’s pony rides. Unfortunately our little birthday girl was one year too young for an official ride but she still got to sit on top of ‘Crocker the Pony’ and became very serious when she was up on his back.

The birthday girl’s sister took full of advantage of Lizzy’s missing a turn and gleefully signed up for a double pony ride. Seriously, the smile on her face was a perma-grin and she absolutely loved being able to ride around the farm. Crocker was such a great pony for the kids to ride on! Now I’m left wondering about how to get this city girl into some horseback riding activities.

The pony rides are a nice slow pace around the farm and the whole party was easy going, which ultimately meant less stress for parents! We were able to walk around the farm, pet the goats, feed the chickens roaming throughout the farm grounds and check on the baby animals. It was a very positive experience for all the little kids and especially the birthday girl.

The price of the party includes a limited amount of time in the actual room but you are free to stay on the farm after the official party ends. We found that the two hour party went by fast but it was still the perfect amount of time! We chose the package that included decorations and table settings along with a pizza lunch for the kids and the farm even put together party bags for the kids. I literally just add to bring a birthday cake and it was perfect!

If I was to offer some insider tips I’d definitely suggest booking the pony rides, so much fun!!!. However, I’d recommend booking the pony rides for before the actual party room time starts. We purchased an extra hour for the party room but it sat totally empty during the one hour pony ride.

My kids are already asking to go back to the farm to see the animals. Thanks for having us Maplewood Farms!




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  1. Casey says:

    Awesome pics mama!! Love the fluffy hair of the pony, almost looks like a perm LOL. What a great idea for a stress free party!

  2. Carly Writes says:

    This looks so fun! Did you have to book the pony ride separately?

  3. Beverly says:

    THIS is so cute! Her little overalls and that happy face. Happy birthday to you!