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City Kids and The Best Croissants

May 1, 2017 // Parenting, Vancouver

Sometimes I wonder what kind of memories my kids will have around growing up here in the city. After all, they are literally growing up right downtown and our days are filled with sidewalks, concrete and lots of walking. My kids walk every where rain or shine and are our neighbourhood is our community. This is a very different way than either my husband or I grew up.

Yesterday we decided to make use of the sunny day and get outside. I always feel that Vancouver is at its very best on a sunny day! We decided to go and get croissants at our favourite spot and walk to the park and just enjoy some easy fun all together. I feel like once you find a place that makes the perfect croissant you are golden.

We got a few assorted croissants boxed up and off we went to the park. As a a Mama in the City I use my stroller like some moms use their car. Which means the basket under the seat always has a plethora of stuff in it including a layer of cracker crumbs. You can be certain I also usually have bird seed, bubbles and wipes stashed away somewhere in my big UPPAbaby Vista basket!

One thing that I’ve found about raising city kids is that even though a city may seem large, the people who actually live there often get stuck in their area. Your neighbourhood eventually becomes your own small town.

The kids know the person delivering our mail, we run into neighbours while we are out walking and we play with other neighbourhood kids at the park. Of course, the big difference is that on a gorgeous sunny day you will also be sharing your neighbourhood with hundreds of visitors but that’s par for the course when living here!

If you find yourself in downtown Vancouver make a stop at Ganache Patisserie for their amazing croissants. You won’t regret it!



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  1. But have you tried Beaucoup’s croissants? On Fir and 6th. The best croissants I’ve ever had; IMHO even better than Ganache.