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Am I A Naturally Talented Artist?

May 24, 2017 // Pure Mama, Vancouver

I’ve always wanted to be an artsy person that had creativity visibly flowing from my fingertips. I wish I could create pieces of art and people would actually know what it was suppose to be without having to add a description. I guess we all have areas in our lives where talent and passion collide and I’ve often wondered if I was actually an artsy person or not.

Last night I was invited for a ‘Paint and Sip’ at Kitsilano’s Rocky Mountain Flatbread.  We sampled their Spring menu, including seasonal beverages such as their triple berry mojito and hand shaken margarita. I was excited because we were invited to paint under the direction of a legit actual artist, Tara Higgins.

Apparently the menu ingredients are so fresh that they are picked from the farm and delivered via bicycle to the backdoor of their kitchen. We sampled pasta dishes and of course a variety of their infamous flatbread pizzas, including one with fiddleheads!

My favourite two pizzas were the tequila cod with shrimp and their West Coast pizza which includes a roasted garlic cream sauce, red Onions, capers, Ocean Wise smoked salmon finished with a lemon horseradish drizzle. In fact, I could order another West Coast pizza right now. It was seriously so tasty.


Tara was on site to help guide us through the process of painting. I was really hoping to channel my inner artist and create a masterpiece, wishfully thinking that maybe I was actually a naturally talented artist and I just needed to sit down and put brush to canvas. I haven’t ever spent much time painting, not including all of the art that I’ve done with my three kids over the years. It was nice to focus on the directions from an actual artist and also let myself get lost in the moment.

Long story short, it turns out that I am actually NOT a naturally talented artist bursting with amazing talent like I was hoping for. However, that’s okay as I still had fun getting my hands (literally) in the paint. The process of following Tara’s steps were  really enjoyable and the atmosphere of a Paint & Sip was a lot of fun.

My oldest was seriously stoked to get a painting in his room made by his own mama, which was enough affirmation for me. I love how all of us that attended had the same tools but all of our interpretations were creatively different. Can you spot my masterpiece?

If you need a family dinner idea check out Rocky Mountain Flatbread. It is so family friendly and the food is really fresh and tasty. Plus they boast a great local beer and wine list. This weekend Vancouver is hosting ‘Art! Vancouver‘ will be at the Vancouver Convention Centre showcasing local and international artists like Tara Higgins.



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  1. Beverly says:

    YUM! Those pizzas sound amazing! Love a pizza with a cream/white sauce.