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The Condo Kids: Book Review


I asked my first Apartment Baby, Benjamin, to read the new book written by author Jackie Burns.  Jackie is a fellow ‘Mama in the City’ raising her two boys in a condo in Toronto and this book was born out of her experiences raising kids in a condo.

The story of The Condo Kids is about two brothers living the condo life alongside the other condo kids in their building. The brothers really want a pet and plot to sneak home a Barbary sheep named Bob that they met at the zoo. The story follows their adventures of trying to keep this unusual condo pet under wraps. Including funny disguises and outfits worn by Bob to keep him hidden in plain sight and sneaking him into the top bunk during bedtime stories.

“I really liked reading a book about kids who live in a condo just like I do. I thought it was really funny how they tried to keep Bob the Barbary sheep a secret from their mom. There were lots of funny parts of the story.  I think other kids my age would like this book as much as I did.” – Benjamin, age 8

This book is a great read for the 7-10 year old range and you don’t need to be a Condo Kid to enjoy the story. Initially I was attracted to this book as there are not a lot of kid books that are written about kids in condos. However, the funny adventures of The Condo Kids and Bob The Barbary Sheep will win over any school aged reader.

Ten percent of book profits of The Condo Kids goes directly to support Earth Rangers, a kids conservation organization.








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  1. Taryn J. says:

    How sweet that your apartment baby did a book review on a book called ‘Condo Kids’. Love it!

  2. Sunny Batra says:

    You got genuine review from a kid for whom this book are meant for
    Thank for sharing with us condos kids book Review.