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A Quick Apartment Bedroom Tour

July 4, 2017 // Apartment Living

Yesterday my two older kids were off at summer day camp so it was just the toddler at home with me. Fortunately for me this third child is feistily independent and can play on her own for a decent amount of time. I usually can set her up with something and she just plays while I do a project at home. Doing any kind of home project while all three kids at at home is nearly impossible and the mess accumulates faster than the tidying gets done.

One of my goals this summer was to go through the kids room and do a big purge. I usually try to do a big sort and purge about three times a year, the summer is one those times. I sort out school papers and art collections that have accumulated, I go through their drawers and closet and generally take out things that don’t need to be there. We donate clothes and books, recycle what we can and toss any garbage or broken items.

Living in an apartment means that I need to be very aware with what we have and keep it organized. Our two big kids share a room but all three kids share that space for their clothes and toys. We have two different dressers in the bedroom and the two girls share the biggest one. The closest is actually used to house most of their toys and we use three TROFAST storage from Ikea with removable bins inside the closet. Special treasures they don’t want to share go in their under bed storage.

There is one big bookcase that doubles as a toy display and book shelf. We have a lot of books! Which is something I love to make space for. Our home library spans from board books to chapter books and I make sure to have a variety of books on display for them. I pull out seasonal or themed books throughout the year and keep the rest in a box in the top of their closet. Sometimes I will go into their bedroom and find one of three kids just sitting on the floor beside the bookcase looking at a book. Which is a personal parenting win!

Just recently I bought my son a zippered bedding, think sleeping bag with an attached fitted sheet, for his top bunkbed. Since we use the room to play in I wanted the beds to look tidy and making the top bunk with regular bedding is like putting pyjamas on a cat. Now that he has this new style of bedding he is charge of zipping it up each morning and it definitely looks tidy and I don’t have random bedsheets draping off the bunk bed.

My kids love sharing a bedroom and it works for our family and our space. I know for sure that if we lived in a big home with different bedrooms that they would still want to sleep in the same space together. They feel comforted with their sibling their and are eagerly waiting for the littlest to be old enough to share a room with them too. We shall see how that unfolds as time goes on!

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour of the kids room in our apartment. As a family of five, and one silly dog, we live in 1200 square feet with two bedrooms, a den and two bathroom. I think that living space can really be tailored to what works for your family and biggest isn’t always better.





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  1. Cheryl Samson says:

    Love this post! Thanks for the tour. We need to get our kids bunk beds and I like the look of these ones. Is it a double on the bottom? Thanks!

  2. Desiree Faulkner says:

    This is great! What kind of bedding does your son have? I need something like this for our top bunk. I have given up and there is just a fitted sheet and loose blankets. I don’t have the patience to climb up there and make it nice. It is such a drag!