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Celebrating National Belgian Day in Vancouver: Chambar Style


I’ve always felt that summertime in Vancouver is the real reason we put up with so many rainy months. It is absolutely gorgeous here from around the middle of June till sometime in September and there are so many things to do outside. With the compliment of great weather and fun activities there’s always something to see and somewhere to go.

When I received the email detailing a medieval feast at our favourite restaurant I knew we had to do. Chambar is our all time favourite restaurant in downtown Vancouver and we’ve been regulars for the last decade. It’s one of those places where you can never get a bad meal and the flavours are always out of this world. Last Friday evening we checked out their celebration of National Belgian Day and we were promised a midsummer medieval feast and an evening of true civilized debauchery.

When we arrived the place was hopping with people attending the dinner. Once seated we noticed the purposeful lack of actual cutlery and napkins on the family style tables. However, one large bib and a wet wipe were at my seat and ready to be used.  The menu boasted a celebration of eight birds served family style and plenty of Belgian beer to choose from.

Most people seemed to be there with groups of friends, which would make family style eating a lot easier than just a couple as one platter was served for about six people. It was a little awkward sharing a plate of food with complete strangers, especially when it came time to eat salad with your hands, but alas we did survive and ended up enjoying ourselves. I did quietly ask the server, if in fact I was suppose to just dig into the salad with my fingers and she did assure me that was part of the medieval feel of the dinner and so I truly just embraced it!

We ate from 7:30 PM till just before 11 PM and the two of us were so full that I don’t think we ate anything until 2 PM the next day. The last savoury course was actually too much and neither of us did more than pick at it. Eating small plates over a long period of time really fills you up and we left feeling like we definitely feasted.

The final bird of the night was this dessert swan that was filled with delicious cream. Despite being ridiculously full we both enjoyed the Swans of Nico Lake! We ended up walking home through the city in attempts to digest this feast a little bit more before calling it a night. This was such a fun way to spend a summer date night on a Friday in Vancouver!



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  1. Denise says:

    Wow! Looks like such a fun night! We haven’t yet been to this restaurant but I’d love to try it!

  2. Heidi DeVries says:

    They would have had to roll me out of there and given me an extra large dose of antacid LOL. I can’t eat so much food, so late. Obviously I’m getting old!