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Birthday Parties For Big Kids

September 27, 2017 // Parenting

There is no denying it, I love planning birthday parties! I enjoy the whole process starting from picking out the theme, to working out all the details to make it come together. It doesn’t even need to be an elaborate Insta worthy party, it just has to be fun and enjoyed!

Recently my oldest turned nine and together we talked about some party ideas because we love throwing birthday parties over here. He had a few ideas and suggested a rock climbing party with some friends. So, we checked out what rock climbing places were nearby and which ones were kid friendly. This year we capped the number of friends that we invited. This helps keep the cost down and also makes it easier to watch a bunch of kids.

We had six kids including the birthday boy and it was the perfect amount of buddies for a party. Some kids were fearless when it came to trying out climbing and other kids were a bit timid, which was just fine. We left the littlest one home with my sister but the middle sister came along to try out rock climbing.

In the past we’ve often done big family birthday parties with out of town grandparents, aunties and cousins and every friend we knew but it can be a lot of work and cost to organize that many people for a party. Plus, as the kids get older their actual party often becomes about their immediate friend group.

Hosting a birthday party at an organized location, like a climbing gym, makes things a lot easier when it comes to party prep mode. However, one thing that we still opted for was the party favours. My kids love them and I enjoy putting them together and making it part of the theme! I don’t love a lot of fillers in a party bag and I love when party favours can be useful and even reusable.

I hunted down some basic water bottles and stuffed them full of bags filled with chocolate rocks and a packet of those fun old fashioned Pop Rocks. We found some sticky wall climbers which seemed to go perfectly with our rock climbing theme. To top it off we put colourful carabiners on each water bottle, these could be used as a key chain or on backpacks. These party favours were a huge hit and the parents coming to pick up their kids loved the water bottle.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of throwing parties for my kids or family! While I do love all the party planning my actual favourite part of the whole birthday celebration is putting those candles on the cake and bringing it out to the birthday kid while the whole family sings with gusto.



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  1. Sloane says:

    YEAH for active birthday parties! It makes the cake at the end seem like a real treat! I love your party favour ideas. I also love party bags and these gave me some great ideas. Love the water bottle!

  2. Miriam S. says:

    I love hosting birthday parties! We tend to keep things pretty simple. Low guest list numbers and not too much extras. My favourite part is also bringing out the cake to their happy face!