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The Beauty Of Building Family Memories

October 5, 2017 // Parenting

The other day we loaded up the car, headed out of the city and drove all the way out to theF farmland in the Fraser Valley. When we got to our destination, my city kids looked around the countryside and asked me where all of the sidewalks were. They were pretty shocked to learn there wasn’t any where we were!

We spent the day having a family adventure out at an apple orchard and pumpkin patch. Sure, we could have stayed home and ran through our to do list. We could have done that big grocery shop that we needed to do and we most definitely could have stayed home and prepped for the week ahead. Instead, we had a family outing and it was all kinds of awesome.

These are the moments that I hope my kids will remember when they’re grown. The feel good moments of childhood that they can lean on when they have to face life’s heaviness on their own.

Racing karts in the corn field with their daddy and picking apples with their mama. Meeting bunny rabbits and chatting to the goats. This is the unbridled happiness that only childhood can really hold.

When we meet the bad things in life, which feels particularly inevitable these days, my hope as a mother is that my children will be able to pull on these moments we’ve had together and let the sweetness be a reprieve from any  heaviness that may come their way.

I didn’t grow up going to pumpkin patches but I highly recommend that you find one if possible. There is something kind of magical about visiting one with your children and exploring the wide open spaces. These outdoor family outings just give you those feel good feelings that can last all week. We went to Taves Family Farm and all five of us recommend it for your next family adventure.






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  1. Denise F says:

    Wow. Tears over here. This post hit me so deeply. I keep wondering what a terrible place we are living in right now. So much negativity and hopelessness. This post reminded me of my job as a mother.