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The Best Christmas Cookie

December 13, 2017 // Holiday Talk, Uncategorized

The weeks leading up to Christmas I find myself reflecting back on memories from my own childhood and remembering the things that were special to me as a girl. This reflection always gets me thinking about Christmas baking, specifically the Christmas cookie.

I think traditions, of all sorts, have a way of holding space in our usual every day life. Which is why I love how celebrating the holidays give me that reason to spend some time in the kitchen baking with my kids.

For the last half dozen years I’ve had holiday baking blitzes with my three kids. The moment with them doesn’t even need to be fancy or glitzy. Just being together baking cookies helps to create these annual traditions within our family.

One thing I remember from my own childhood was the annual sugar cookies my mum baked for us each Christmas. I remember my mum making the dough ahead of time and then there’d be these balls of buttery yellow dough wrapped in plastic wrap waiting in the fridge to be rolled out and cut.

I often spend mindless hours looking through baking cookbook and on line through recipes. My favourite might just be the Martha Stewart website for all things Christmas cookie related, especially the classic recipes. I love trying to decide which recipe will be the perfect one to bake. If I’m baking with my kids the recipe needs to be simple without a lot of complex steps or fiddly parts and equally tasty.

In past years my mum has come for a visit in late November or in December and it’s almost guaranteed that she will roll out the sugar cookie dough with my kids. Keeping that cookie tradition alive. Of course, as soon as the New Year rings in I will be swapping all things cookie for salads. I’m always looking forward to the next year and the next batch of memories.

What is your absolute favourite cookie to bake at Christmas?



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  1. Lexie M. says:

    YUM!! Those pictures had me drooling. I love baking and have special memories of baking with my mum. We made gingerbread together growing up. Thanks for the special memory reminder.

  2. Taylor Aube says:

    Wow these cookies look so good and like such a treat on Christmas morning. I love everything here!

  3. Cookies are such an essential part of Christmas and holidays. From get together to gifting they are so versatile. I love sugar and butter cookies the most!

  4. WE will be making cookies all say Saturday! It is so much fun to do with the kids and just make and decorate cookies