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Childhood Milestones: Choosing The Birthday Cake

March 27, 2018 // Vancouver

Birthday party planning gets me all kinds of excited, thank goodness I have three kids with birthdays split pretty evenly through the year to help keep me going. Over the last ten years I have felt so much joy putting together birthday cakes for all my kids. From the elaborate local bakery cake, to the homemade from scratch cake to the store bought cake mix. Birthdays are a great occasion to celebrate and enjoy some birthday cake.

As birthdays start to approach I always ask the birthday kid what kind of cake they are hoping for. My son always asks for a homemade from scratch chocolate cake with strawberries. I love that he has a go to birthday cake request and I am happy to make him his special cake each September.

I am not a baking wizard by any means and I can’t make a Pinterest worthy cake at all. So sometimes I am happy to connect with our local bake shop and let them be the master of the cake. One of our Vancouver favourites includes Cadeaux Bakery, they made the horse cake for our middle girls last birthday this January. It was delicious and came out perfect.

Chocolate dinosaur cake from Yaletown’s Ganache Patisserie. It was amazing!

Frozen themed cake from Cupcakes on Denman.

Homemade from scratch! Chocolate cake with strawberries as per request.

A carrot cake from Cadeaux Bakery for a Spring themed first birthday. Somebunny loved it!

Homemade rainbow cupcakes made by my sister for a special unicorn themed fourth birthday.

Mama’s chocolate cake with sprinkles. That year this birthday girl got TWO different cakes. This one was homemade.

Another auntie creation! Lambs, pigs and chicks for a fun farm themed birthday party.

A very special horse on this chocolate cake from Cadeaux Bakery.

My top pick for a bakery bought birthday cake is from Vancouver’s Cadeaux Bakery, they make the best carrot cake in the city and their custom creations are always so pretty. We have also had custom cake orders from Tessa of Sweet Bake Shop, side note Tessa just released her very first baking book!

Short on time or maybe creativity, the best cake can come from a mix or your local grocer. Putting candles on anything instantly makes it feel extra festive and special. Pair that with a family loudly singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and you’ve got yourself a perfect celebration.

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  1. Corrine Wall says:

    I am LOVING that horse birthday cake. It looks like my old horse I had growing up, Charlie. He was the sweetest. We always do a homemade birthday cake. Nothing too elaborate but always very delicious.

  2. Lindsay Max says:

    I love Tessa! She made cupcakes for my daughters birthday a few years back when she had her storefront in Yaletown.