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How To Host A Princess Birthday Party In Vancouver


Recently I had a third birthday party to plan and I knew exactly what kind of party to plan; a princess birthday party with a Frozen theme. Birthday party planning is kind of my jam and I love figuring out a party theme and fleshing out the details to make it a fun event.

When Vancouver’s Crowned Princess Entertainment asked if we would like to have Queen Elsa come and celebrate with us for a princess birthday party we said yes! On the day of the birthday party it was so simple to get party ready and all I needed to do was make sure we had a chair for Elsa to sit in. As a busy parent it was really nice not to have to plan out any party games or activities for the children. Crowned Princess Entertainment took care of everything.

The Grand Entrance: Queen Elsa Arrives

With a knock at the door Queen Elsa arrived ready to start the princess birthday party with an array of fun activities to keep the party flowing. She even brought her sidekick Olaf along. From her head to her toes Elsa was very legit and we were most impressed with her authentic Elsa personality, plus Elsa’s singing voice was truly out of this world amazing.

Story time With Elsa

While all the little party goers sat front and centre Queen Elsa read a story and captivated the attention of all the little kids. Before the party Crowned Princess Entertainment checked in with me and made sure it was okay to do a little make up and kid safe nail polish session with the guests. The little girls in attendance loved having Elsa use nail polish to fancy up their fingers.

Princess Glam Time

The Coronation Ceremony

When it was time for the Coronation Ceremony Elsa  made sure the birthday girl was able to take on the duties of being a princess. All the little party goers clapped and cheered as the birthday girl accepted her new role and was crowned with a golden tiara.

Do you promise to always have courage and be kind? 

Do you promise to stand up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves? 

Do you promise to always dream big dreams and never stop chasing them? 

I just can’t get over the look of adoration that the birthday girl is giving Elsa in the photo above. These little princesses were so floored with meeting Queen Elsa and having her at our birthday celebration. On the invitation that we sent out we encouraged our little guests to dress up in whatever princess attire they wanted. I love that we had so many dressed in blue and that there was at least one Anna.

We ended the party with Elsa and the kids singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the birthday girl. This was truly a memorable birthday. Elsa’s voice was so beautiful and the birthday girl felt very special with her guest singing to her.

Most of my kid parties usually include a take home sugar cookie as the party favour. West Vancouver baker Three Hearts helped us celebrate with these beautiful Frozen themed cookies. The best part is these were totally gorgeous cookies and they tasted really delicious. Too often I find that beautiful sugar cookies often lack the tasty factor and these cookies had both. I still can’t get over the details on these sugar cookies. 

We loved having Crowned Princess Entertainment celebrate with us for our princess birthday party. Their princess service was extremely high end and professional and having Elsa in our home made the princess birthday party a wonderful event for everyone. If you have a little princess in your life you won’t regret making their dreams come true with a visit from their very favourite princess. 

Vancouver’s Crowned Princess Entertainment gave us their Gold Package to review and Three Hearts gifted us with cookies. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.  

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  1. Emily says:

    I am loving this post. My daughter is two and so obsessed with princess stuff. I never pushed it on her at all but she literally gravitates to it ALL. The look on the birthday girl’s face is priceless.

  2. Kristyl says:

    Wow, such a fun party. Gorgeous photos too.

  3. Genny A. says:

    So much sweetness and I just love how your littlest is looking so impressed and amazed with Elsa. Those cookies look amazing!!

  4. Gaurav Rai says:

    Such sweet pictures. Your daughter would be so very pleased. Thanks for the ideas, I would definitely give it a go too 🙂